EU VAT Changes in 2021 – What You Need to Know Before July 1

Tuesday, June 15, 11 AM CST

Selling internationally is a great way to find new customers and build new revenue streams. With cross-border tax compliance rules continually changing, it can be tough to keep up with compliance obligations. On July 1, 2021, the EU will introduce sweeping reforms to its VAT rules. This means new compliance obligations for many U.S. businesses and marketplaces selling into the region. The changes aim to boost online trade while also contending with a €7 billion ecommerce VAT fraud gap.

If you sell into the EU and/or the U.K, you won’t want to miss this webinar. Attendees are eligible to receive 1 CPE credit.

EU VAT Changes

5 Steps to ASC 842 Lease Compliance for Financial Controllers

Thursday, June 24, 1 PM CST

As private organizations work on year-end close and head into audits, it is time to prepare for the journey to comply with the ASC 842 lease accounting standard. As we learned from the public companies that have already gone through this process, private organizations need to get started right away – the compliance journey is longer and requires more resources than you might expect.

Join lease accounting experts, as they lay out a practical, 90-day plan to jump start your path to ASC 842 compliance in 5 critical steps.

ASC 842 Webinar 6/24

Lessons Learned: How the Pandemic will Shape the Future of Corporate Finance

Wednesday, July 14, 1 PM CST

Savvy leaders will apply the lessons learned over the last year to not only guard against future unexpected events, but to unlock new levels of efficiency, visibility, and control over their financial processes and operations.

Join us for a panel discussion to hear how three finance leaders overcame challenges presented by the pandemic and how the experience will shape their strategy going forward.

pandemic future of corporate finance

Transform Collections and Planning with AI Bots

Tuesday, July 27, 1 PM CST

Attention corporate controllers: in the last year, the collections and receivables universe has been transformed. Join Auditoria.AI and UserTesting as they share real-life examples of how Collector bots have automated the front lines of dunning and collections efforts. You will learn how to streamline your collections process with autonomous, zero-touch, error-free execution of repetitive, time-consuming tasks and how to free up your A/R teams to focus on higher-level responsibilities.

Collections Planning AI

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Controllers Council hosted a webcast with our esteemed Board of Advisors to share insight into how each has managed during this pandemic, how roles and responsibilities have changed, and what are new priorities for Controllers now and in the near future.

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