How to Scale Financial Operations to Support Growth (CPE)

Tuesday, June 25 at 1 PM CST

Whether acquiring other businesses or introducing new lines of business, companies can achieve sustainable growth by becoming multi-entity organizations. But companies that maintain inefficient processes will inhibit their growth unless finance leaders rethink how their teams develop workflows, reconcile transactions, and manage financial operations.

Financial Operations to Support Growth

Transform Your AR Process: 5 Proven Strategies for Success (CPE)

Thursday, July 18 at 1 PM CST

Join us for an enlightening webcast where we delve into the innovative world of Accounts Receivable (AR) automation. This session will provide you with an in-depth look at how your peers transforming their AR processes, enhancing efficiency and accelerating cash flow.

Transform Your AR Process: 5 Proven Strategies for Success (CPE)

Corporate Finance & Accounting Talent Study Results – Roundtable Panel (CPE)

Tuesday, July 23 at 1 PM CST

Join the Controllers Council to be the first to learn the results of the 2024 CFO/Controller Corporate Accounting & Finance Talent Study. Panelists include Panelists include Brandt Kucharski, CAO @Ethos Life, and former CAO @Grubhub. Other panelists to be announced. The panel will be moderated by Lindy Antonelli, Partner, Armanino Technology Practice and Controllers Council Board Chair.

Corporate Finance & Accounting Talent Study Results - Roundtable Panel (CPE)

Excel Evolution: Modernization and Solutions for Reporting Mastery

Wednesday, August 7 at 1 PM CST

Excel isn’t going anywhere, so don’t miss this opportunity to explore Excel’s continued modernization and discover a powerful solution for your spreadsheet-related challenges. The FP&A Guy is joined by insightsoftware to bring you a webinar that dives into the fascinating world of Excel’s modernization and discuss how you can take your reporting in Excel to the next level. In this insightful session, we’ll explore the evolving landscape of Excel and how it continues to shape the way we work and manage data.


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Past Webinars: Watch On-Demand

Scenario Planning for Controllers and CFOs (CPE)

Effective finance leaders don't predict; they prepare. With scenario planning, finance leaders anticipate how specific circumstances, such as reductions or increases in revenue, inventory, or headcount, affect an entire business. By considering the assumptions and priorities that underlie the scenarios they plan for, finance leaders enable their companies to adapt quickly as conditions change.

Scenario Planning for Controllers and CFOs (CPE)

Establishing Procurement: Controller’s Guide to Unlocking Strategic Value (CPE)

Ongoing macro-economic conditions underscore that now more than ever, a focus on procurement unlocks hidden value for finance and accounting leaders working to optimize spend, reduce risk and improve operational efficiency. In this session, Zip’s Advisory and Finance Leadership Team will leverage their experiences as the former Head of Procurement @ Grafana and former Sr. Director of Accounting at Opendoor to share practical guidance for companies focused on building and maturing procurement.

Establishing Procurement

Maximize Your Salesforce ROI: 5 Features that Transform Efficiency

Unlock the full potential of your Salesforce investment! Discover how 5 key Salesforce features (including AI) can radically transform your operational efficiency and improve your ROI. During this session, we will dive into the transformative features of Salesforce, particularly focusing on automation, Einstein AI, and the newly optimized Flow tool. Chris Hunter and Patrick Fallon, Managers of Salesforce Digital Services at Citrin Cooperman, will guide you through practical strategies to leverage these tools for enhancing business operations and decision-making processes.

Maximize Your Salesforce ROI

Using AI to Control Costs + Drive Growth (CPE)

Today's finance leaders are under pressure to do more with less, to somehow cut costs, increase efficiency, and drive growth. All while their days are consumed by manual work. How are they supposed to do it all? AI is the answer. This webinar focuses on Generative AI as an invaluable ally to finance teams. Join us to explore how AI can automate manual tasks, deliver richer outputs for everything from contract reviews to flux analysis, and — best of all — free you to focus on more critical analyses and partnering with stakeholders to drive growth.


How to Build a Business Case for Accounting Automation

How do you convince other stakeholders? How do you show that accounting automation will benefit the business and not just your team? That it won’t create more work internally? That ROI will be seen and felt quickly? Join this webinar to hear Ray Lau, CEO of Leapfin, walk through how high-growth companies like Canva, Reddit, and SeatGeek successfully built the case for accounting automation and show you how you can do the same.

Accounting Automation

Audits without Anxiety - Panel Discussion (CPE)

Does your finance team become anxious during audits? To keep your finance team calm, focus on what's within your company's control: auditability, accountability, and preparation. Auditability refers to the visibility your company provides into details of specific transactions. Accountability establishes who is responsible for initiating, reviewing, approving, and processing them. With assistance from automation, your company can gather and maintain information auditors are most likely to ask for. By furnishing your finance team with information that is timely and accurate, you can ensure your company is ready for financial audits.

Finance Audit

Becoming a CFO of the Future

The role of the CFO is evolving, and it’s essential to be prepared for what the future holds. Join BILL for an upcoming “Next in finance: The CFO of the future” virtual event to learn how technology will impact the role of the CFO in the years to come.

Register to hear:

  • Insights from from industry and accounting thought leaders as well as BILL’s very own CFO.
  • Tracks for both finance leaders at businesses and those at accounting firms are available.
Becoming a CFO of the Future

6 Strategies to Reduce DSO & Improve End-to-End AR Performance

A high DSO has a tremendous impact on cashflow, revenue and even your company’s ability to invest in growth strategies. But how can Finance leaders help their teams reach the lowest DSO possible and quickly recover payment on accounts receivable (AR) when so many customers wait to pay until terms or even pay late? Join Esker’s Business Development Manager, Jim Ackerman, for an insightful webinar outlining the importance of lowering DSO, what external factors contribute to slow-paying customers, and what strategies can be enacted

AR Performance

Master the 3 Cs of Modern AP with Automation

In today's competitive business landscape, equipping your Accounts Payable team with automation isn't just a choice, it's a necessity for teams being tasked to do more with less. If your team handles more than 500  invoices a month, automating your back-office operations is the key to maintaining Control, managing Compliance, and creating visibility into Cash Flow.


Navigating 2024 Financial Trends & Transforming Reporting

Join us for an exclusive webinar featuring insights from The FP&A Guy. We will cover finance trends that will shape 2024 and get valuable perspectives, strategic insights, and actionable tips to stay ahead in the dynamic financial landscape. But that's not all! The webinar will also include a special product demonstration showcasing cutting-edge solutions designed to elevate your financial reporting with innovative tools and features.

Finance Trends 2024

How to Improve Cash Flow Forecasting (CPE)

By preparing accurate and actionable cash flow forecasts, your finance team serves as a strategic partner to your business. But forecasts are only as informative as the underlying data. Our panel of experts includes Philip Peck, VP Advisory Services and Finance Transformation Practice @ Peloton Consulting Group, and Joe Fleischer, Marketing @ BILL. Moderated by Controllers Council Executive Director Neil Brown.

Cash Flow

Controllership 2027: Predictions Panel (CPE)

As the roles of controllers evolve, what will controllership look like in 3 years? A panel of corporate accounting and finance experts including Gregg D'Eon, Corporate Controller @ DraftKings, and Brenna Albert, VP Global Controller @ Medline Industries, and moderator Neil Brown, Executive Director @ Controllers Council will share their predictions and perspectives about key priorities

Controllership 2024

State of Financial Automation

We’ll review our 2024 survey results, including views on automation, priorities, and plans for this year.. Find out how your peers are approaching remote work challenges, trends in automation and AI, and managing their finances for growth.

Financial Automation

Top Strategies to Attract and Retain Accounting and Finance Talent (CPE)

As fewer people pursue accounting, many companies are experiencing talent shortages in finance departments. Knowing how to engage employees in finance can reduce the stress of interviews, onboarding, and other hiring challenges. By attending this webinar, you will learn how to attract top talent to your finance team as well as how to improve the team's productivity and engagement.

Finance Talent

Power up your AP process

In a video game, when you’re preparing to face off against the bad guy, you’ll often stumble across some magic potion that gives you superhuman speed and prescience so you can save the day.  In the office, this power-up is BILL! When facing the boss “Delayed invoice payments,“ BILL will help you automate your payments, so you’re never late again.  Join us to see how BILL can help you vanquish the other monsters in your payable processes. 


Top AP Internal Controls to Safeguard Your Business (CPE)

Without proper internal controls, accounts payable (AP) practices can expose businesses to significant risks, including those of financial errors, duplicate payments, and potential fraud. This webinar will provide an overview of the importance of internal controls in AP and explore how they can help mitigate risks and ensure accuracy.


2024 CFO/Controller Sentiment Study Results - Webcast Panel

Join the Controllers Council to be the first to learn the results of the 2024 CFO/Controller Sentiment Study. This important research seeks to understand how macro-economic trends are shaping corporate finance strategy, planning, and priorities. With unprecedented geopolitical risk, high interest rates and inflation, rapidly changing financial markets, a potential recession and continued talent challenges, how will CFOs and financial controllers manage in 2024 and beyond?

2024 CFO/Controller Sentiment Study

Mastering Easy Excel Reporting in 2024

Are you tired of spending countless hours manually creating, updating, and distributing your financial reports? Do you wish there was a more efficient way to access real-time data within Microsoft Excel? If so, join us for a webinar on how to revolutionize your reporting processes with Spreadsheet Server. Spreadsheet Server is a powerful Excel-based reporting tool that empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions with speed and precision. Whether you're a financial analyst, accountant, or business manager, this webinar is designed to introduce you to the benefits of Spreadsheet Server and demonstrate how it can simplify your reporting workflows.

Mastering Easy Excel Reporting in 2024

When Your Company Is Ready for FP&A: What You Need to Know (CPE)

Your company is on the verge of achieving sustainable growth when it no longer limits its priorities to meeting the next quarter's goals. To equip your company to synthesize information about the present to support growth into the future, your finance team will have to expand its capabilities to encompass financial planning and analysis (FP&A).

When Your Company Is Ready for FP&A

2024 Economic Outlook – Webcast Panel Discussion

Despite easing pandemic pressures, economic and political environments continue to be both unpredictable and rapidly changing. High interest rates, inflation, volatility in the stock market and foreign exchange, and for some, recession and supply chain issues. Domestic and global economics will prove challenging to C-Suite decision makers including CEOs, Controllers and CFOs, COOs and CIOs. To understand and manage these uncertainties, learn from renown economist and subject matter expert Dan North, a nationally-recognized economist and Chief Economist, Allianz Trade.

2024 Economic Outlook

A Hands-On Guide to AI Adoption in Finance: Strategies for Reducing Risk and Increasing ROI (CPE)

Though AI offers many opportunities, as with any new technology, businesses may experience implementation challenges. Organizations are struggling to create policies and guidelines to ensure their data and other proprietary information is protected. Additionally, organizations are realizing that employee training is essential to empowering their workforce with AI.

AI Adoption in Finance

The Unfolding Impact of AI (CPE)

During this session, we’ll address the valid concerns of implementing transformational technology, given the different mindsets of finance leaders. Let’s explore where we are on AI’s hype cycle and look at what’s transpired in the past year to tease out the practical applications of AI from the hype.


6 Steps to a Faster Year-End Close (CPE)

Do you dread closing your books for the year? Without full visibility into invoices and payments, what should be a routine process can feel like a nightmare. Put an end to the annual ritual of chasing down bills and receipts by optimizing your financial operations and providing your company with accurate, up-to-date information about all payables and receivables.

Year-End Close

How to Modernize Revenue Accounting – Panel Discussion (CPE)

With today’s explosion of customer-centric business models and heightened audit scrutiny, revenue recognition has become increasingly complex and revenue teams are under pressure to modernize. Learn from panelists Matt Dobson, Chief Accounting Officer (CAO) of ZUORA, and Rachel Noel, Director of Revenue of ZUORA, who will share the story of their team’s modernization journey and how they were able to decrease their close time by 67%.

Revenue Accounting

5 Trends Finance Leaders Need to Know in 2024 (CPE)

With digital transformation and technology adoption top of mind for many finance leaders in 2024, emerging tools like artificial intelligence (AI), new payment methods like FedNow and insights powered by data analytics are rapidly reshaping finance teams.  But which trends are truly worth your attention in 2024?  Join AvidXchange consultants to learn about the top five trends finance leaders should have on their radar as they plan for 2024 to help their teams.

2024 Finance Trends

Boost Visibility with 5 Essential Excel Reports

Now, more than ever, visibility into your company’s performance is paramount to making sound decisions. Yet, many finance teams have only scratched the surface of their data’s full potential. Manual exports into Excel are one of the most common, problematic practices we see - but Excel is not the problem. In this webinar, you’ll see first-hand how you can elevate the effectiveness of five essential Excel reports by embracing the power of automation.


Meet the Chief Accounting Officer - Interview Series - Christie Kozlik

This next interview in the series features Christie Kozlik, Chief Accounting Officer (CAO) for Accel Entertainment, a gaming terminal operator. Prior roles included Assurant and Allstate, along with more than 13 years public accounting at KPMG. Christie earned a BS, Accounting and Legal Studies from Indiana University Bloomington. She is a CPA in Illinois and Virginia, and a Certified Fraud Examiner.

Christie Kozlik

The Pitfalls of Excel for Financial Consolidation and How to Avoid Them

As a finance leader, you rely on Excel to get your job done. But as your company grows, the accounting processes become more complicated, and reliance on Excel for financial consolidation can become a huge hinderance to the team’s ability to provide accurate financials in a timely manner. Join Fluence Technologies VP Operations Guy Menard, CPA and Productive Business Solutions Limited CFO Andres Ibanez to discuss some of the pitfalls of using Excel for financial consolidation and how you can avoid them.


How to Chart Your Finance Leadership Career Path (CPE)

Amid rapid innovation and advancing technology, finance leaders need to develop new skills to grow in their careers and provide value to their organizations. Learn career tips and ideas from a panel of corporate accounting experts.

Finance Career Path

Lunch and Learn: Unify Your Financial Operations with BILL

Looking for the perfect payments approvals process? Curious about how to send international payments via credit card? Or even just wondering which types of payments to use in the day-to-day scenarios your business encounters? Join us for a payments-focused lunch and learn webinar with one of BILL’s solution consultants. 

Lunch and Learn: Unify Your Financial Operations with BILL

ESG 101: Practical Approaches for Navigating Compliance, Controls, and Sustainability Reporting

The regulatory landscape for sustainability reporting has evolved quickly in recent weeks, with the introduction of IFRS S1 and S2, updates to ESRS, and endorsements from IOSCO. In the United States, the SEC is expected to release their official guidance in the coming weeks – with big implications for both public and private companies.


Accelerate Your Planning Processes with AI

What are digital transformation leaders using in their planning processes to gain a significant competitive advantage? Artificial Intelligence. Maybe it’s time for you to start doing the same. Too much time is often spent on manual processes rather than the more strategic and value-driven aspects that FP&A teams can provide. So, how can the introduction of AI impact your planning and decision-making process?

Accelerate Your Planning Processes with AI

The Future of Accounting: Insights from Industry Leaders

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the accounting function is facing a trifecta of obstacles that are putting increasing pressure on controllers: expanding regulatory requirements, rising business complexities, and a shortage of skilled accounting professionals. To overcome these challenges and position their organizations for future success, controllers are embracing technology to strategically modernize their accounting function to deliver new value to the business and create a competitive advantage.

During this webinar, you’ll hear from accounting leaders—representing companies of all sizes—as they discuss the impacts of these challenges on their organizations and their strategies for equipping their staff to prosper in a fast-paced and unpredictable environment.

Future of Accounting

Preparing for the Unexpected: The Case for FP&A (CPE)

History does not always repeat itself. Despite planning for the future, finance leaders will encounter scenarios for which they have not prepared. To enable their companies to remain flexible yet disciplined in unforeseen circumstances, finance leaders rely on financial planning and analysis (FP&A). But many companies lack the data they need or the ability to interpret data to employ FP&A effectively.


Friend or Foe? The CFO’s Relationship with AI (CPE)

Join this discussion hosted by Yooz and Contoller’s Council as finance leaders break down the ever-changing world of finance and accounting in 2023. Panelists will dive into the evolving role of the CFO and what is essential for progress in the modern accounting industry. Topics will highlight crucial skills for success, workplace changes, and AI’s role in the future of Accounts Payable (AP).


Best Practices for Reporting With & Extracting Oracle Data

When it comes to extracting reporting data, what is better – replication or real-time? What are the best options for your use cases? What are the pros and cons? Surely, we always want real time, right? Using Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Connector (BICC) is the Oracle recommended method to extract medium to high volumes of data. It is considered the optimal approach for deeper analytical insights, as it minimizes strain on the transactional database and improves overall performance. By utilizing BICC replication, your operational database can remain unaffected by the analytical workload.


Transforming AP Using AI (CPE)

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more commonplace, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are recognizing opportunities to use AI to modernize their finance operations, especially in accounts payable (AP). AI can significantly reduce, or even eliminate, many of the time-consuming, manual tasks involved in processing invoices. It also has the power to discover preferences and apply them to future processes.

AP and AI

How Leading Companies Gain Control Over Their Spend (CPE)

Now that business travel is back, expenses are happening everywhere that your employees are. But they’re also everywhere across your organization. In order to regain control and visibility, it’s critical to bring all of your spend together under one umbrella. To help you get a sense of how real-world companies achieve this, Thomas Piani, the Spend Management product leader at Brex, hosts finance leaders from leading companies for a live discussion about how they’re using Brex to manage their spend.

Business Spending

AvidXchange’s Accounts Payable Trivia Showdown

Calling all trivia enthusiasts! Get your thinking caps on because we're hosting the ultimate Accounts Payable trivia showdown! Get ready to showcase your financial expertise and earn exciting prizes along the way. 

AP Trivia

Corporate Accounting & Finance Talent Study Results - Webcast Panel (CPE)

The 2023/2024 Corporate Accounting and Finance Talent Study seeks to identify how CFOs and Controllers are dealing with talent challenges including retention and recruitment. The study also seeks to identify the most challenging functional/skills to recruit, trends in onsite/remote/hybrid work environments, outsourcing trends, along with compensation, benefits and perk offerings. By understanding these factors, CFOs and Controllers and their organizations can develop effective strategies to attract and retain Accounting and Finance talent.

Corporate Accounting and Finance Talent Study

Simplify Spend and Expense Management for a Hybrid Workforce (CPE)

With more and more employees making at least a partial return to the office, the age of a hybrid workforce is upon us. As businesses continue to refine their definitions of hybrid and remote workplaces, they're also rethinking their spend and expense management policies. Although spend and expense management has historically referred to business travel and meals, the current needs of in-office, hybrid, and remote employees have finance leaders accounting for a greater variety of reimbursable expenses than ever before.

Hybrid Workplace

Post ASC 842 Transition: What’s Next

With the adoption year in the rearview and audits being completed for many private companies, many companies have an enhanced visibility into their lease portfolio and are reevaluating their approach. With this enhanced visibility and the cross-departmental collaboration required, companies are focusing on implementing sustainable processes to not only tackle identifying new leases and handling more complex “Day 2” items such as modifications, terminations, and impairments, but to identify “value-add” opportunities associated with the enhanced visibility and data now at their fingertips.

ASC 842

Fueling Growth with Financial Planning

Is your financial planning strategy rock solid or on the rocks? Join former Finmark CEO Rami Essaid to learn expert-level best-practices for setting goals, overcoming obstacles, and embracing the latest software tools as you create (or improve) your financial planning strategy.

Financial planning

Lunch and Learn with BILL

Ever wonder how invoices get into the BILL platform? Or how to categorize approvals for specific departments? Or how BILL syncs with QuickBooks, Oracle NetSuite, or Sage Intacct? Join us for a technical lunch and learn webinar with a solutions consultant from BILL. Best of all, lunch is on us! Attendees will receive a $25 DoorDash gift card.

Lunch and Learn BILL

How to Optimize B2B Payments for Your Business

ACH. Credit cards. Virtual cards. Real-time payments. And more. The number of B2B payment choices has grown over the years, with each having its own benefits and tradeoffs. How do you go about choosing the best payment strategy for your business?

B2B Payments

Why Optimizing Cash Application & Receivable Intelligence is a No Brainer

Discover why fast-growing organizations view automating cash application and enhancing receivables visibility with BlackLine as a no-brainer to optimizing working capital. 

Cash Application

How Finance Leaders use Automation to Modernize Their FP&A Teams

How do today’s finance leaders modernize their FP&A teams? They automate time-intensive manual tasks. And you can do the same. Time is our most valuable resource, but oftentimes, we waste it lost in our spreadsheets rather than spending it on value-added strategic activities. So, what is the advantage of automation in your planning and budgeting process?

Finance Leaders

What Companies are Looking for in Today’s CFO

This session will discuss the skills finance leaders must possess to help their company succeed in today’s everchanging business environment. Drawing on interviews with top recruiting firms, CFOs and feedback from other business leaders, we will discuss which skills have become so critical.

CFO Skills

Rethinking Cash Flow Management

Managing cash flow in uncertain economic times is a challenging task, but it is an essential part of keeping a business running. This webinar presents strategies and tactics to help small and midsize businesses stay afloat in times of economic volatility.

Cash Flow

The State of Finance Automation in 2023

2023 is presenting unique challenges for businesses, and knowing how fellow small-to-midsize finance leaders are responding to these challenges can help guide your strategies. That’s why BILL partnered with SMB Group to survey 750 finance leaders of small-to-midsize businesses, polling their insights on the economy, workforce, and technology.

State of Finance Automation in 2023

How to Attract & Retain Top AP Talent

Between The Great Resignation and the predicted recession, retaining top, skilled talent is more important than ever. But what are accounts payable (AP) professionals looking for in their career? What is most valuable to them when evaluating job opportunities? In this webinar, AvidXchange consultants are going to recap the survey results and provide tips on how organizations can meet the demands of top AP talent to help grow their business. 

Retain Talent

Meet the Accounting Director - Interview Series - Sarah Alford

The next interview in the series features Sarah Alford, Director of Corporate Accounting for Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL), a retail co-op association in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. Prior roles included public accounting at Ernst & Young. Sarah earned a Bachelor of Commerce-Accounting, and Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) from the University of Saskatchewan. She is a Charted Accountant (CA), a CPA and was Treasurer of the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra.

Sarah Albert

How SMBs Can Sustain Cash Flow During Turbulent Times

For many small and midsize businesses (SMBs), cash flow is a source of stress. But with thoughtful planning, finance leaders can mitigate anxiety and reinforce calm, even during times of economic turbulence.

Cash Flow

Easy Excel-Based Reporting That Eliminates Data Dumping

Imagine if you were connected directly to your data and could eliminate manual data dumps to begin running real-time reports, all within Excel. Sound too good to be true? Join us for a webinar we’ll demonstrate how you can use Excel that eliminates data dumping. 


2022 Controller of the Year Awards - Meet the Winners

Winners of the third annual 2022 Controller of the Year Awards have been selected after a nomination period and judging process that began in December 2022. The 2022 Controller of the Year Awards culminated with 14 Winners, all invited to participate in this virtual "red carpet" event, and be interviewed by host and Controllers Council Board Chair, Lindy Antonelli. Don't miss the "Academy Awards of Corporate Accounting and Finance".

2022 Controller of the Year Awards - Meet the Winners

Panel Discussion: How to Unburden Your Finance Team and Keep Them Engaged

As finance teams remain chronically understaffed and as fewer people study accounting, finance leaders will have to stretch their resources for the foreseeable future. But achieving greater productivity need not require working more hours. During this webinar, a panel of finance leaders will reveal why better management of people begins with better management of processes.

Finance Leaders Improve Productivity

The Accountant Shortage: Using Technology to Make Life Easier for Controllers

Today’s controllers are looking for ways to take things off their plate and do more with less, especially as the accountant shortage deepens. Fortunately, you can gain significant efficiencies across your teams, systems, and workflows with the right approach and technologies — and Brex VP Chief Accounting Officer, Erik Zhou, and Brex Controller, Kevin Moore, are eager to tell you how.

Accountant Shortage

Put Finance in Control with Easy EPM Reporting

Are you still running your EPM reports using spreadsheets or generic BI tools? What if you could leverage an EPM reporting tool that provides your finance team with a single source of truth and simple report building capabilities that don’t require dependency on IT? Allow your team to spend time on the most vital activity for driving success: financial analysis.

EPM Reporting

How Growing Organizations Accelerate Their Modern Accounting Journey

To stay nimble and provide business value, you need to optimize accounting processes to drive greater efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness across your organization. But where do you start and how do you get there? Growing organizations are leveraging BlackLine to develop strategies that connect data and processes with technology that delivers both quick wins and long-term value for finance and accounting teams.

Modern Accounting

7 Major Storylines Finance Teams Should Care About in 2023

AvidXchange knows this. So, we analyzed millions of payments and surveyed hundreds of financial leaders to find out what they learned in 2022 and how it may impact 2023. In the end, we uncovered seven major storylines poised to play a role within your finance team this year. We're talking about hybrid work. We're talking about inflation. We're talking about data and analytics. The big stuff. The stuff that could reshape your department and your career.

Finance Teams

Upskill with the CMA®

Is your organization wrestling with the people side of finance transformation? Are you a finance leader looking for a way to “upskill” and boost the training of your current team? Are you looking to upgrade your own skills to access greater career opportunities, the chance to earn a higher salary, and a seat at the leadership table?


How to Reduce the Cost and Risk of Paying Bills

Many small and midsize businesses today still depend on manual processes to manage payables. Depending on your payables volume, these costs can add up. They include not only the tangible costs, such as check stock, envelopes, and postage, but also the hidden costs of inefficient processes, delays, late fees, and potential fraud. By automating manual tasks, you can significantly reduce these costs and free up your finance team to focus on your company's top priorities. 

Paying bills

[Agile FP&A] Part 2: Six Best Practices for Continuous Planning

Continuous planning has emerged as a dynamic approach that provides leadership with updated information to make timely, strategic decisions. However, while businesses have recognized the need to move to this modern planning model, many lack the tools and infrastructure to begin the transformation. Join us and discover six best practices for continuous planning that are key to a successfully agile business.

Continuous Planning

How Finance Leaders Improve Performance Amid Uncertainty

During times of unprecedented volatility, finance leaders cannot rely on past experience to guide decisions about the future. Yet for finance leaders who seek greater visibility into what drives their companies' performance, uncertainty can present opportunities to improve and not only measure financial results. During this webinar, finance leaders will share how they overcome barriers to gathering essential information for gauging financial performance. 

Finance Leaders Uncertainty

Roundtable Panel: What are Your Biggest Controller/CFO Challenges?

Corporate finance is challenging. Between macroeconomic issues, talent shortages, hybrid work environments, increased responsibilities for technology and more, Controllers and CFOs are more challenged than ever before. How? Learn more from a panel of your Controller and CFO peers about top challenges along with corresponding solutions, ideas and how-to advice.


Supercharge Your Book Closing Process by Scaling Quote-to-Revenue

Learn how to design your organization’s quote-to-revenue process for a significantly faster and more efficient book closing and audit in this fireside chat with our presenters who have firsthand experience running the business systems and technology behind Okta’s hypergrowth phase from $100M to $1B.

Book Closing

2023 Controller/CFO Sentiment Study Results - Webcast Panel

Join the Controllers Council to learn the results of the 2023 Controller/CFO Sentiment Study seeks to help understand how macro-economic trends are shaping corporate finance planning, strategy, priorities, and outlooks. With a backdrop of a lingering pandemic, high inflation, whipsaw stock market, a looming recession, talent challenges, and the greatest geopolitical risk in decades, what are financial controllers and CFOs doing differently to manage in 2023 and beyond?

2023 Controller/CFO Sentiment Study Results

[Agile FP&A] Part 1: Intelligent Cash Flow Management

Successfully managing cash flow is key to being an agile FP&A function, especially during a recession. As cost pressures continue to rise, leadership is more frequently asking finance teams what the cash flow status is, what payments can be deferred, and what invoices are past due. However, many teams struggle to provide strategic insight due to manual processes, data silos, and a lack of transactional-level detail. Join us for this session where we demonstrate how you can look deeper into your cash flows and how you can gather rich insights from your reports, such as the Cash Flow Statement.

Cash Flow Statement

2023 Economic Outlook - Webcast Panel Discussion

From post-pandemic to extraordinary economic uncertainty, the business and corporate finance outlook remains in constant flux. Record inflation, high interest rates, volatile stock market and foreign exchange, and for some, recession and supply chain issues. Domestic and global economics will prove challenging to Controllers, CFOs and corporate finance executives. To understand and manage these uncertainties, learn from a renown economist and subject matter expert Dan North, a nationally-recognized economist and Chief Economist, Allianz Trade.

2023 Economic Outlook

Financial Close Fatigue? Learn How to Do More With Less

Save Time, Improve Efficiency and Mitigate Risk across Your Financial Close. In this webinar, Trintech will discuss how best-in-class companies are adopting purpose-built automation to modernize their financial close to reduce hours spent on tedious manual processes, improve reporting accuracy and free up time for finance teams to focus on more value-additive work.

David Woodall

A History of Investing and a Look Ahead

You hear it all the time. Financial products are becoming more complex. Diversification has changed. Our approach to investing has changed. What does all this mean? In this course, we will explore how investment theory has changed over time from Markowitz to Factor Investing. Using examples and practical applications, we will talk about how our modern notions of portfolio building have developed throughout history. 


CFO Fireside Chat: How Finance Leaders Can Adapt to Lean Times

The looming recession presents unique challenges for those working in finance roles. With all the chatter about an uncertain economic future, how are you preparing your organization? In this webinar, you’ll learn how to adapt your processes to do more with less time, effort, and headcount. Whether your organization is still growing or is starting to slow down- finance teams are often asked to adjust and find solutions that fit your business needs.

Jason Wood

5 Ways to Maximize Financial Resilience in 2023

During times of economic uncertainty, businesses that successfully navigate turbulent times are those that are more proactive and strategic. Now, more than ever, the future of an organization’s fiscal health depends on improved spend transparency, actionable analytics, and smart automation that frees up finance teams to focus on work that moves the needle.

Financial Resilience

Gaining Control and Visibility in the Finance Office

Finance executives learn from each other in this excellent roundtable discussion between TripActions CAO Ram Bartov and Cleveland Guardians SVP, Finance & CFO Rich Dorffer.

Finance Office

Top 5 Things to Consider Before Moving to Oracle ERP Cloud

A lot of Oracle EBS users are still in the dark about the impact this data migration may have on their reporting, access to current data, and ability to view their legacy data. Understanding these aspects prior to your migration can set your team up for success and ensure as little disruption to monthly reporting as possible. Join us for this educational Webinar investigating the top five questions you’ll want to have answers to before starting your Cloud migration. 

Oracle Cloud ERP

Meet the Finance Director - Interview Series - Ashley Peña

The next interview in the series features Ashley Peña, Finance Director for the New York Philharmonic where she is part of a team that facilitated a strategic and financial turnaround plan, and manages the day-to-day finance and accounting functions including a $250MM endowment.

Ashley Pena

“Ask Me Anything” Session With Ram Bartov, CAO, TripActions

In this AMA discussion, Ram Bartov, TripActions CAO talks about the evolution of corporate travel and expense management over time and what solutions we can expect moving into 2023. Ram will touch on how companies can reduce costs and save time from having a single solution for corporate travel and expenses. 

Ram Bartov

2023 Predictions for Finance and Accounting

We may not be flying to work in 2023 but there won't be a shortage of innovation that enables Finance and Accounting teams to modernize their accounting operations. As organizations plan for continued supply chain disruptions, talent scarcity, and market uncertainty, accounting leaders are finding ways to innovate, automate, and scale processes to meet organizational demands. Hear from BlackLine’s industry specialists on the top leadership priorities and transformation trends of 2023, including Hyper-Automation, Talent Upskilling, and Decision Intelligence. 

2023 Predictions

Managing Corporate Finance Talent – Panel Discussion

With the backdrop of the Great Resignation, CPA and technical accountant shortages, and remote or hybrid work environments, how can Controllers and CFOs manage finance and accounting (F&A) talent effectively?

Learn about F&A talent management strategies and ideas from a blue chip panel of Controllers and CFOs including Barbara Salazar, CFO, E2 Consulting Engineers and Stanford MBA; Michael Mance, CPA and VP Financial Operations, Dialysis Care Center; and Christine Gu, CPA and Chief Accounting Officer, Enjoy Technology.

Managing Talent

Meet the CFOO - Interview Series - John Bozin

The next interview in the series features John Bozin, CFO of Armanino Strategic Finance Outsourcing (SFO), and CFOO specialist (pron. see-foo or C-F-O-O), the combination of CFO and COO or operating CFO for certain sizes and types of organizations. Prior roles included Chief Finance & Administrative Officer, COO & Deputy Executive Director, an CEO in a variety of sectors, along with numerous boards. John's multiple academic achievements include an MBA, an MS in Technology Management, a BSBA in Project Management, a BS in Finance, and a Doctorate in Management (Organizational Development and Change). He also holds a Six Sigma/Lean Certification.

John Bozin

How A&F Can Enable Successful Transformation

From hybrid work and cybersecurity to enabling new business models and managing new reporting requirements, finance and IT leaders have a long list of priorities placing significant demands on their departments. Added to traditional responsibilities like monthly close tasks, change requests, and maintenance, CFOs and CIOs are faced with unnecessary chaos and talent retention concerns.

The result? The urgency for transformation is higher than ever. Organizations are investing in technology and process optimization initiatives, and CFOs are shifting their questioning from IF they should innovate to HOW and WHAT. 

A&F Transformation

5 Ways Accounts Payable Departments Can Help Offset Recession Impacts

Eye-opening survey data revealed 70% of middle market companies are revamping their budgets over the next year with a focus on saving costs. Despite widespread cost cutting, 72% still said company growth is a high priority.  As your business braces for a recession and starts to re-evaluate costs, what can the accounts payable (AP) team do to impact the bottom line and prove itself as an asset that powers growth?   

Accounts Payable Recession

Finance Operations Teams - From Cost Centers to Revenue Generators

Finance operations teams are the lifeline of the business, they ensure the cash comes in, and that payments are done in a timely manner. However, they don't only have to be a cost center. They can become revenue generating teams. In this webinar we will define the strategic finance leader and show you how to turn your finance operations team into a valuable revenue generating team.

Finance Operations Team

The Data-Driven CFO: Refocusing on the KPIs That Matter

Today's CFOs have had their goals and responsibilities shift dramatically since the beginning of last year. With the state of business and the economy constantly changing, especially as recovery and growth continue, it’s difficult to know where to focus attention and prioritize resources. Find out how successful CFOs are measuring short term success while also staying focused on business longevity.

data driven cfo

Meet the Controller - Interview Series - Lensford McKenzie

The next interview in the series features Lensford McKenzie, Financial Controller - Americas for Argus Media. Prior roles included Controller and Accounting roles in the energy and finance consulting sectors, and audit roles in public Accounting. Lensford earned a BS Accounting and Finance from University of Houston.

Lensford McKenzie

5 Best Practices to Modernizing Your Month-End Close

In this webinar, Trintech discusses the 5 best practices to modernizing your month-end close and how financial close automation can empower your team to shift their focus to higher value-added analytics and strategic work essential in evaluating growth, investment opportunities, and risk.

Modernizing Your Month-End Close

Live Demo: Supercharge Your Month End Close

Automation generally supercharges any process and brings its value to the forefront. See how infusing automation such as ART (our month-end close solution), into your close can get you to the next level of closing. We will share a live demo of SkyStem's solution, ART and share the key elements of month-end close automation.

Month End Close

Memo to the CFO: Take A Fresh Approach to Cost Savings

Get ready to drive cost savings and boost employee productivity! Inflation is top of mind – and a first-time experience for many finance leaders. In this charged environment, you need to create your inflation action plan now! Drive operational efficiencies, lower costs and boost revenues. These bold actions will help you maintain value and manage your business. Are you ready?

Cost Savings

Meet the CFO - Interview Series - Shannon Nash

The next interview in the series features Shannon Nash, CFO of Wing, the drone delivery unit of Google parent company Alphabet. Shannon is a CPA, and a recovering attorney with a JD. Prior to Wing Shannon was CFO of Reputation, and many other roles with KPMG, Cooley, Cumulus Media. Shannon earned a BS Accounting and a JD Law from University of Virginia. She is active with multiple boards including UserTesting (NYSE:USER), and multiple non-profits. She was featured on Accounting Today’s 2020 list of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting, and named one of 2020’s Most Powerful Women in Accounting by the AICPA and CPA Practice Advisor.

Shannon Nash

The State of Automation in Finance: 2nd Edition

In this webinar, Yooz and Neil Brown, Executive Director of Controllers Council bring you an exclusive analysis of the current state of the financial function, finance leaders’ top AP priorities for 2022-2023, and the evolution of the necessary skills of the modern-day CFO based on the 2022 “The State of Automation in Finance” survey of over 1,200 financial decision makers.


Aligning Payables with Procurement: Getting It Right

Your organization arrived at a critical stage of its maturity when it established a dedicated finance team. As it conducts business with an increasing number of suppliers, your organization will require a dedicated team to manage procurement as well. How do you establish and reinforce clear roles and processes for finance and procurement functions? By attending this webinar, you will learn how. 

Aligning Payables

2022 Digital Controller/CFO - Study Results - Webcast

Join the Controllers Council to learn the results of an important study about how Corporate Controllers and CFOs are taking on more responsibilities for technology including automating back office systems, managing spend, implementing AI/ML and finance automation systems, and participating in or leading digital transformation initiatives. The Digital Controller/CFO Survey/Study documents this revolution.

Digital Controller - CFO Study

Controlling Cash Flow, Processes, and People within A/R

Learn how to gain full control over a structured collections process and how to make sure your accounts receivable infrastructure is positioned well to scale with changing processes, restructuring and growth, enabling your team to become an integral revenue generator for your organization.

Rebecca Gerger

Future of Finance: How Midsized Businesses are Handling Inflation, Supply Chains, Staffing Shortages and the Threat of Recession

The really smart finance teams are also looking past a slowed economy to a time when customer demand is back on the rise. Join this webinar to learn how CFOs are thinking about and improving the efficiency of their business.

Future of Finance

Digital Transformation for F&A – A Well Worn Path for Driving Adoption

Mapping out a well-worn path to successfully innovate and transform your processes will help you accelerate your journey.  Learn proven techniques and a well-worn path to help you map out an innovation journey for your teams with BlackLine and what it all means for your overall transformation. 

digital transformation

Simplify Data Validation for Scalable Financial Reporting

Business initiatives depend on uninterrupted access to information that is accurate, complete, and timely to foster continuous growth. Don’t let data disruption impact your daily operations. In this webinar, “Simplify Data Validation for Scalable Financial Reporting,” we explore the world of data migration and validation.

Financial Reporting

9 Frequently-Overlooked AP Internal Control Issues: How to Prevent Them

Often it is the little issues, those seemingly unimportant tasks, that when ignored or not handled properly cause huge nightmares in accounts payable. The damage from these problems is immediate and felt directly on the bottom line.


Accounts Payable

5 Secrets for Slashing T&E Costs and Boosting Productivity

T&E costs average a full 10% of companies’ overall budgets, yet most finance teams lack control and visibility around these costs. The problem: Manual, fragmented software solutions don’t allow teams to enforce spend policies at scale or identify opportunities to drive cost savings. Plus, legacy systems and processes result in a loss of productivity and a poor user experience, often resulting in employees abandoning the systems all together.

T&E Costs and Boosting Productivity

Leading Practices for Digital Finance Transformation & Operational Excellence

Hear specialists from BlackLine, including Mike Polaha, former SVP Finance Solutions & Technology at Johnson & Johnson, and Molly Boyle, former accounting leader at Under Armour on their experiences planning and executing successful digital finance transformation.

Digital Finance

Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting: 2022 Research Study Insights

James Wilcox, Managing Director with Hanover Research shares the results of a 2022 global study with a “Deep Dive” into the state of Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting (BF&P), and the technologies world-class organizations are adopting to streamline their financial processes and support optimal growth and performance.

Budgeting 2022

Corporate Finance Upskilling/Reskilling - Study Results - Webcast

Join the Controllers Council to learn the results of an important study about how Corporate Finance departments are Upskilling, Reskilling and training staff, Controllers and CFOs to manage more effectively as a result of macro-trends of the Great Resignation, a growing shortage of CPAs and Accountants, and remote or hybrid work environments.

2022 Study

2022 State of Automation in the Finance Office: Learn the Surprising Survey Results

The Results are in from the 2022 Survey on Finance Office Automation. Join Nick Ezzo, VP of Marketing and Elaine M. Nowak, Director of Product Marketing at Auditoria as they give you all the information you need to transform your role and be the hero in your organization.

Finance Automation

Meet the SVP Finance - Interview Series - Mike Polaha

The new Meet the Controller / Meet the CFO - Interview Series features fascinating executives from interesting organizations. The fast-paced interview format focuses on "secrets to career success" and will bring valuable learning, career advice and big ideas to both aspiring, and seasoned corporate finance pros.

This interview in the series will feature Michael Polaha, SVP Finance Solutions and Technology at BlackLine, and former SVP Finance Technology at Fortune 500 Johnson & Johnson, and member of the Controllers Council Advisory Board. Controllers Council Board Executive Director Neil Brown will moderate.

Mike Polaha

Cash Flow Forecasting Tips for Turbulent Times

Join us for a discussion where you’ll learn about the choices for improving your cash flow forecasting, reporting, analysis and planning, and how better cash flow management will help you weather the sluggish economy and, ultimately, outperform your competition. 


Cash FLow

Why Modern Finance Leaders Are Bought Into Digital Transformation

Join us for a discussion with Nathaniel Harrison, Finance Manager, Amperity, and Henna Mishra, Product Marketing Manager, TripActions as they discuss how to succeed in this modern era of finance.


Digital Transformation

How Demand for Business-Critical Insights and a Challenging Labor Market are Accelerating Corporate Finance Automation

Results from Trintech’s 2022 Global Financial Close Benchmark Report and The Hackett Group’s Annual CFO survey both show that attracting and retaining talent will be the biggest challenge organizations will face over the next 12 months, followed by the need to provide real-time, business-critical insights. Because of this, more and more organizations are realizing the importance of investing in financial close automation to better support the needs of their business.


Automation Finance

Intercompany Financial Management: Go Beyond Zero

The sum of intercompany activity should be zero. It rarely, if ever, is. But the problem is much larger than reconciling differences to zero.

Intercompany Financial Management is an entirely new approach that enables your organization not just to reconcile differences to zero—but go beyond by unlocking growth capacity with more tax-efficient processes and optimized business operations.

Join this session where we explore intercompany as a business driver in your organization.

CPE Credit: participants can earn up to 1 CPE/CPD credit in the Business Management & Organization field of study.

Financial Management

Controller’s Roadmap to Build a Best-In-Class Finance Team

A high-functioning finance team can add up to big cultural and organizational changes. Join this session with Morris Kupfer, Vice President of Finance at HighRadius and learn how Controllers can build a best-in-class finance team by leveraging accounts receivable (AR) automation solutions to drive operational efficiencies, create value, and improve working capital.

Finance Team

Top Controller/CFO Priorities: Cash, Profit and AR

How do the changing behaviors of customers impact revenue, cashflow, and profitability?

Accounting and finance leaders are playing an increasingly important role in driving change within their organizations. From ensuring balance sheet integrity to balance sheet optimization, CFOs and controllers are no longer relegated to tasks that are aimed at ‘keeping the lights on.’ More and more, they must be chief value extractors, driving sustainable business growth through technological innovation, improved governance, business intelligence, and investment returns.

In this webinar, discover how A&F leaders can rise to the challenge while ensuring the financial health of the organization and laying the foundation for working capital excellence.

Cash Profit

How Real-Time Visibility and Spend Control Power the Modern Finance Leader

No executive is going through a bigger change than the modern finance leader. A role that used to be focused on FP&A and cost control is now becoming a strategic business advisor that influences transformational, company-wide decisions. This requires you to move quickly and allocate more time to strategic initiatives.
By automating manual processes and gaining real-time visibility across every dollar spent, finance leaders can scale with ease while empowering your teams with modern tools that drive efficiency.
Modern Finance Leader

Automate or Stagnate – The Case for Advanced Tech in the Finance Back Office

Join Nick Ezzo, VP of Marketing and Elaine Nowak, Director Product Marketing at Auditoria.AI, as they explore challenges in the back office and what advanced technology can solve these problems today. Nick and Elaine will examine how the roles in the back office will evolve due to implementing automation and advanced technologies. The team will then review practical steps to get started on a digital transformation journey. 
Finance Back Office

Meet the CFO - Interview Series - Glenn Hopper

The new Meet the Controller / Meet the CFO - Interview Series features fascinating executives from interesting organizations. The fast-paced interview format will focus on "secrets to success" and bring valuable learning, career advice and big ideas to both aspiring, and seasoned corporate finance pros.

The second interview in the series will feature Glenn Hopper, CFO at Sandline Global, and author of Deep Finance: Corporate Finance in the Information Age. Controllers Council Executive Director Neil Brown will moderate.

Glenn Hopper

2021 Controller of the Year Awards - Meet the Winners

Winners of the second annual 2021 Controller of the Year Awards have been selected after a nomination period and judging process that began in December 2021. The awards program was available to Corporate Controllers and related titles that have controller responsibilities including CFOs, VPs, Chief Accounting Officers and more. Hundreds of applicants were either self-nominated, or nominated by a colleague via a brief and anonymous online survey that requested information on 2021 financial performance, work experience, volunteer or philanthropic activities, and educational background.

21 Controllers of the Year

7 Ways Automation Improves Corporate Accounting Effectiveness

As a finance professional, you likely already know the main benefits of automating your accounts payable and payment processes – increased control, real-time visibility, increased security, e-payment incentives, and cost and time savings. And yet, you still may feel hesitant to leave paper in the past. It’s okay, we get it.

Join AvidXchange Solutions Consultants Rhonda Greene and Jami Proctor to learn about the 7 ways automation can improve your workday and streamline your day-to-day tasks.


5 Trends Every CFO Should Know About in 2022

CFOs today play a critical role in their organization as strategic advisors in addition to overseeing the numbers — these leaders need to be data-driven and embrace strategies and technology that allow for greater visibility across the organization and produce faster data for better decision making.

CFO 2022 Trends

CFO Roundtable:  Evolving Roles and Priorities for Success

According to research by Gartner, 93% of senior finance leaders were aligned on their vision for the finance function in 2025; those leaders expect to see a function that is leaner and more data driven. Today, leading CFOs are expected to be strategic value creators within an organization. Thus, driving a connected finance organization is crucial to long-term success, which means that CFOs are finding new innovative ways to improve cash flow and build resiliency.

Tipalti & Tesorio conducted a survey of over 200+ CFOs to put that Gartner statistic to the test and better understand the evolving role and priorities of leading CFOs.

Cash Flow

Roundtable:  Managing Corporate F&A in the Great Resignation

The great resignation is not just entry level staff, or industry-specific like retail. The great resignation is happening in corporate Finance and Accounting departments across all company types and sizes. The great resignation is also happening in the C-Suite with Controller and CFO turnover at record levels compared to low pre-pandemic levels.

Learn about the causes of this unprecedented turnover, along with best practices for staff training, retention and recruitment. Hear firsthand from a Roundtable Panel of your Controller/CFO peers and subject matter experts.

Great Resignation

Up Close and Personal with Balance Sheet Reconciliations

Let’s get up close and personal with balance sheet reconciliations to better understand and appreciate the purpose and objective behind this activity that is so often taken for granted. Let’s rediscover the power of reconciling the balance sheet, the best way to approach the work, and the pitfalls to avoid when preparing or examining reconciliations.

1 CPE credit will be provided for qualifying participants.

Learning Objectives: This course objective is to understand CFO priorities and concerns facing current business landscape. Field of Study: Accounting. Recommended CPE: 1 CPE. Program Cost: $0. Due to this program being offered free of charge, there will be no refunds issued. Program Knowledge Level: Overview. Prerequisite: None. Advanced Preparation: None Required. Delivery Method: Group Internet-Based.

Balance Sheet

Optimize Lease Accounting | Key Actions from Survey Results

We are at a pivotal point in the lease accounting journey for most organizations now that the delays in compliance deadlines are over. According to the 2022 Global Lease Accounting Survey conducted by Ernst & Young LLP and LeaseAccelerator, there is a dramatic increase in the number of private companies who are driving to adopt the standards for the first time.  

Join EY and LeaseAccelerator to hear critical industry benchmark data on how global organizations are managing their leasing and lease accounting processes, ways to address the compliance challenges, and actions to take to achieve and optimize long-term compliance.

Lease Accounting

How Automation is Creating Next-Gen Collections Teams

Accounts receivable (A/R) collections optimization is an ongoing challenge. It’s impossible to free up cash, control invoice collection, and scale business when A/R logistics are unclear and inconsistent.

Today, many small, medium and enterprise level businesses are in dire need of improving their collections process and are quickly turning to automated A/R collections solutions.  


Take Action Against Fraud: 5 Things You Can Do Today

No one wants to think about fraud occurring in their business, but did you know that 74% of companies were targets of payment scams in 2020? Moreover, 65% of treasury and finance professionals believe that the COVID-19 pandemic is to blame for an uptick in payments fraud at their companies.

Doesn’t sound good, does it? The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. Join us for a discussion on proper controls that accounting staff can put in place today to protect your business. (Speaker: Laura Redmond, CEO of Redmond Accounting Inc.)

Laura Redmond

How to Make Value-Based Decisions & Achieve Your Modern Accounting Goals


Accounting is being asked to do more—manage risk, optimize business processes, and align to corporate strategy. To meet the demands of their expanding roles, F&A must focus capacity on what matters most.

In this session, we will explore how to accurately define the problem that encompasses your top accounting challenges. We will also discuss the anticipated value of modern accounting, how to achieve value, and how to demonstrate value.

Modern Accounting

Guide to Fast-track Collections by 80%: The Teletrac Navman Story

Take it from Teletrac Navman, a leading SaaS provider that faced similar challenges where tracking receivables became more difficult as the customer base grew. However, with the right intelligent tools and proactive strategies, they were able to consistently improve their KPIs. The result? They were able to achieve a 45 days reduction in Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) with fast and low-effort collections.

CFO Fireside Chat

CFO Fireside Chat – Expense Management Priorities and Predictions 2022

As CFOs and their finance teams navigate the new year, it’s critical to address the importance of expense management and ensure that the right tools are in place. This process helps to successfully navigate unforeseen challenges and reevaluate top priorities.

Join Ram Bartov, EVP of Finance for TripActions, and Joel Jeselsohn, Group CFO at Relayr, for this insightful fireside chat.

CFO Fireside Chat

Meet the CAO – Brandt Kucharski

The new Meet the Controller / Meet the CFO – Interview Series features fascinating executives from interesting organizations. The fast-paced interview format focuses on “secrets to career success” and will bring valuable learning, career advice and big ideas to both aspiring, and seasoned corporate finance pros.

The first interview in the series will feature Brandt Kucharski, Chief Accounting Officer of Ethos, and former CAO at Grubhub. Brandt was the 2020 National Controller of the Year. The interview will be moderated by Lindy Antonelli, Controllers Council Board Chair and Partner at Top 20 accounting firm Armanino.

Meet the CAO - Brandt Kucharski

CFO Future Focus – A Panel Discussion

The role of the CFO has transformed from that of a historical record keeper to a forward-looking strategist. While historical financial metrics will always be important to management and investors, new data science tools and methodologies can and should be applied to business data to extract greater value.

This webinar features Glenn Hopper, CFO at Sandline Global, and author of Deep Finance: Corporate Finance in the Information Age; and Ranga Bodla, VP Field Marketing and Engagement, NetSuite. Moderated by Neil Brown, Executive Director, Controllers Council.


How CAOs and CIOs Are Collaborating to Drive Transformation

Hybrid work. Cybersecurity. Regulatory compliance. New business models. Accounting and IT leaders have a growing list of priorities. Added to traditional responsibilities like change requests, maintenance, and close tasks, CAOs and CIOs are faced with limited resource capacity and talent retention concerns.

Join us to discover what the modern CAO and CIO partnership looks like and how it’s evolving to include more collaboration. In addition, learn why 82% of Accounting and IT leaders say their experiences over the past 12 months have intensified their interest in modernizing accounting processes and how companies are saving time by enabling a world-class technology ecosystem.

Blackline Webinar

How to Scale a Finance Team at a Fast Growth Company

Modern startups are more decentralized than ever and they move at lightning speed. As companies grow, finance and accounting teams need to keep up and scale with the company.

Join this discussion, featuring Sam Siegel, VP of Finance at Zoomin, and Thomas Long, Sr. PMM at TripActions Liquid to learn more.

Finance Team

Mind Your KPIs: Top Metrics Finance Teams Should Monitor

CFOs have never worked harder. Thanks to COVID-19, their goals and responsibilities have evolved dramatically since the beginning of the year. With the state of business and the economy constantly changing, it isn’t easy to focus attention and prioritize resources. Find out how successful CFOs are measuring short-term success while also staying focused on business longevity.

NetSuite KPI

2022 Corporate Finance Outlook – Webcast Panel Discussion

Nearly two years into the pandemic, the business and corporate finance outlook remains in constant flux. Domestic and global economics, new tax regulations and compliance requirements will prove challenging to Controllers, CFOs and corporate finance executives.

Corporate Finance

LIVE Discussion with Spikeball: Learn Spend Management Tips from a Shark Tank Success Story

Join us for a discussion with Jurie Victor, Director of Finance and Accounting at Spikeball (of Shark Tank fame), on how they achieve scale and simplify their spend management processes and workflows with a small team.


Why Smart Company Cards are the New Key to Success for Finance

In today’s business environment, your workforce must move quickly and agilely, which often means they need access to company funds in real-time. Modern finance leaders need their teams to move fast and make critical business decisions efficiently. But how do you empower employees to spend company money without opening the floodgates to inappropriate purchases or fraud? With many companies adopting hybrid work models, it’s critical that finance teams have access to flexible spend controls and real-time spend data.

T&E Programs

How to Leverage Financial Close Automation to Work Smarter: The Ruby Slipper Café Story

As organizational environments become more complex, compliance-focused and technology-driven, CFOs and controllers have even greater pressure to not only ensure the integrity of the financial close, but also provide strategic insights to help lead the future of their organizations. However, the current manual processes many of these organizations leverage today to manage their finances and resulting risk are making those valuable insights difficult to attain.

Financial Close Automation

Champions of Controllership: Advancing Accounting Despite Disruption

Champions of controllership find ways to innovate, automate, and scale accounting processes amidst continued disruption and despite a host of challenges. They have a vision for the future, believe in using technology to bring about change, and activate teams to modernize accounting.

Advancing Accounting Webinar

Move Your AP Processes into the Future

Want to move your business forward, but your Accounts Payable (AP) processes are holding your back? Increased flexibility is now expected as many companies adopt work from anywhere policies. Yet 80 percent of small and medium sized businesses rely on paper checks to pay their bills. Embracing technology to create a more efficient and streamlined AP cycle from end-to-end can reduce administrative costs and the dependence on manual labor and paper.

AP Process

How to survive budgeting season with collaborative FP&A

Financial managers waste as much as 18 hours a month manually updating, revising, consolidating, modifying, and correcting spreadsheets. Annual budgeting can require more back-and-forth work and take up even more time. And despite the flexibility of spreadsheets, they are error-prone and not designed for multiple stakeholders to work on simultaneously. After all the time and effort spent, how accurate is the end result? Join our panel of experts as they discuss techniques they’ve used to do financial planning efficiently and collaboratively across departments, while avoiding the usual spreadsheet errors.

budgeting webinar

Streamline Your Financial Close with Powerful Integrations

As organizational environments become more complex, compliance-focused and technology-driven, CFOs and controllers have even greater pressure to ensure the integrity of the financial close. In order for organizations to both maintain a reliable system of record (ERP), and ensure potential benefits for the Office of Finance are maximized, the ERP must be supported with strong investments in dedicated systems that address the needs of your finance and accounting teams.

TrinTech Webinar

Improve the Speed and Accuracy of your Close and Disclosure Process

Without proper controls and automation in place, your close and disclose process can quickly turn chaotic. That’s where The Connect Effect by insightsoftware comes in. In this webinar, we explore the modern consolidation and disclosure management tools that  finance teams need to shrink close cycles, improve reporting, and enable more agile processes  that free- up time for high value activities.

InsightSoftware Webinar

3 Hidden Costs of Expense Policies

It costs an estimated $395K a year to process expense reports for 1000 employees. How does this add up? Reviewing flagged transactions, recourse for out-of-policy charges, and hours on manual reconciliation each month causes frustration for your employees. Join this webinar with Jennifer Lee, Product Marketing Manager, TripActions, and Mindy Owen, Travel & Expense, Connectwise, to uncover these 3 hidden costs buried in your expense management.

TripActions Webinar

5 Questions Controllers Should be Asking Their CFO – Webcast

While the role of the Controller continues to evolve amidst digital transformation, the need to communicate effectively with the CFO has not changed. As key financial leaders within the organization, Controllers are increasingly tasked with improving the efficiency of operations, implementing new technologies and guiding teams toward paperless workflows. To do this effectively, they need to work closely with their CFOs to drive the organization towards executable strategies that maximize the value brought by investment in technology.

NetSuite Webinar

6 Steps to Becoming a More Effective Controller

Today’s Controllers are plugged into the strategy of the business and now have the opportunity to make things happen, not just record what happened after the fact. As their responsibilities increase, new priorities emerge and different skills are required for success. So what does it take to become highly effective in this challenging role? This webinar features Ian Larkin, Controller at CentralReach, and Scott Beaver, Senior Product Marketing Manager at NetSuite.

NetSuite Webinar

How Automation Can Solve Your Reconciliation Challenges

According to The Hackett Group, accountants and financial personnel spend 65% of their time on manual, low-value processes. These processes include reconciliations, meaning accountants are likely to be focusing the bulk of their time on repetitive tasks as they complete the period-end close. The challenges that come from spreadsheets and other manual methods of reconciliations don’t have to impact your entire organization; financial automation solutions can pave the way for many benefits and opportunities to maximize your accountants’ time and effort.

TrinTech Reconciliation Challenges Webinar

Virtual Roundtable: Controlling Employee Expenses with a Small but Mighty Team

Join us as Ram Bartov, Corporate Controller of TripActions (formerly Corporate Controller at Snowflake), reveals how small but high-performing finance teams today are embracing automated expense management technology to gain a better line of sight, control, and real-time reporting. Ram will moderate a "virtual roundtable" of Controllers and CFOs including Kendra Owens, Nightingale College VP Finance, Kate Burke, Inhibrx Corporate Controller, and Brittany Covert, Syapse Corporate Controller.

Controlling Employee Expenses

The Digital Controller/CFO Study - Webcast Roundtable 

Learn the results of an important study about how Corporate Controllers and CFOs are taking on more responsibilities for technology. The Digital Controller/CFO Survey/Study documents this revolution. A panel of Blue Chip Controllers and CFOs provide analysis and insights into the study and their own practical experiences. 

Economic Trends

How to Automate Cash Application and Remittance Operations

Learn how Top 20 CPA firm Armanino automated their cash application process, driven by dynamic remittance processing templates and business rules in order to maximize their on-invoice hit rate and overall cash application process.

Cash Application

Collaborative FP&A: Make Better Decisions Faster (Webcast)

Learn how easy-to-use BI and FP&A solutions, help FP&A professionals work securely and collaboratively across departments. It has never been easier to ditch your static spreadsheets for a better way to budget and analyze financial performance.

Collaborative FP&A

How to Manage Accounting for Travel Cancelations

Business travel cancelations are coming back again with the uncertainty for travel in the back half of 2021. For some organizations losses are anywhere from $100K to $500K or more. Do you have a plan in place for your unused travel credits from airlines etc?  

Unused Tickets

Controller Confidential: 4 Ways Automation Powers Accounts Payable Efficiency

In our newest webinar, Perry channels his extensive experience and financial expertise to tell you why business leaders still lose sleep over hybrid workforce shifts, process inefficiencies and unanticipated cash flow challenges.

If you’re looking to streamline your AP to save time and money and prime your business for real growth, join AvidXchange subject matter experts Chris Perry and Rhonda Greene, to explore how to improve your AP efficiency and reap the rewards.

Controller Confidential Webinar

Transform Your Finance Organization 

Do you feel the month-end dread? Are manual tools & processes, stressful deadlines and stretched resources causing you and your team headaches?

If 2020 taught us anything, it is that financial planning & analysis (FP&A) teams need strong FP&A capabilities that allow them to test financial levers, quickly re-forecast and make data-driven decisions at speed. 

pandemic future of corporate finance

Transform Collections and Planning with AI Bots

Attention corporate controllers: in the last year, the collections and receivables universe has been transformed. Join Auditoria.AI and UserTesting as they share real-life examples of how Collector bots have automated the front lines of dunning and collections efforts. You will learn how to streamline your collections process with autonomous, zero-touch, error-free execution of repetitive, time-consuming tasks and how to free up your A/R teams to focus on higher-level responsibilities.

Collections Planning AI

CFO Fireside Chat: Prepare for the Comeback of T&E

Uri Levine is a passionate serial entrepreneur that you may know best as the co-founder of Waze—a crowd-sourced navigation app that disrupted the market. Join this conversation to learn how Uri advises Finance teams on optimizing spend management and preparing for the return of travel and expenses. Uri will join Thomas Tuchscherer, TripActions’ CFO and former CFO at Snowflake, and Michael Sindicich, GM TripActions Liquid, in a lively discussion.

TripAction Webinar

2021 Sales Tax Changes: Midyear Update

Last year’s unprecedented rate of change across the global economy greatly affected sales and use tax in the United States — and 2021 is showing signs of a similar trend. In the first half of the year, some states extended tax relief efforts, others adopted economic nexus laws, and still others started taxing digital advertisements. Even more changes are slated for the rest of the year. In this panel discussion, our sales tax experts preview anticipated sales tax changes in the latter half of 2021 that can affect your business’s compliance.

AP Automation Solution

5 Steps to ASC 842 Lease Compliance: The first 90 days for Financial Controllers

As private organizations work on year-end close and head into audits, it is time to prepare for the journey to comply with the ASC 842 lease accounting standard. It's time for private organizations to get started right away as the compliance journey is longer and requires more resources. Join lease accounting experts from EZLease, as they lay out a practical, 90-day plan to jump start your path to ASC 842 compliance in 5 critical steps.

5 Steps to ASC 842 Lease Compliance

2020 Controller of the Year Awards – Meet the Winners

Winners of the first annual 2020 Controller of the Year Awards have been selected after a nomination period and judging process that began in January of this year. The 2020 Controller of the Year Awards culminated with 15 Winners, all invited to participate in this virtual “red carpet” event. Watch now on-demand.

Controller of the Year Awards

Economic Trends: Navigate the Insolvency Storm

The United States has seen an extraordinary surge in insolvencies. The shockwaves of the unexpected COVID-19 crisis have left many businesses across various industries struggling, uncertain how to stay afloat through the treacherous conditions. What does this rise in insolvencies mean for your business? Which industries should you watch out for? Learn how to navigate the storm to ensure your business is protected in this webinar.

Economic Trends

Hybrid Working Models – 3 Changes Travel & Expense Policies Must Address

If your company moves to a hybrid working model, will you be prepared? This blend of home, office and work from anywhere is forcing travel and finance teams to quickly pivot to new policies as the very definition of “business travel” changes. This virtual discussion will address 3 must-knows for the post-COVID work era.

hybrid working models T&E webinar

Return to Office: Planning & Perspectives

As corporate America plans to "Return to Office" (RTO), Controllers and Corporate Finance must not only participate, but take leading roles. Learn from a multi-functional panel of experts how company culture will shape re-opening of offices, how office space will be re-defined, as well as the future of work and the role the office will play. Plus much more!

return to office webinar

Buying an AP Automation Solution

You know the stories: an important invoice that went missing, a fake invoice that was mistakenly paid. And we’ve all wasted time entering the same data into multiple systems, such as an AP sub-ledger, an online bank account, a reconciliation spreadsheet, and then the general ledger. Automated AP solutions can help you avoid these scenarios. Whether you’re already familiar with the AP automation solutions available or you’re in the beginning stages of your search for a better option, this webinar will give you insights on how to move forward.

AP automation webinar

Best Way to Plan for Growth During Market Volatility

Is your company positioned to maximize opportunity, even as market volatility continues? Or are you spending too much time focused on short-term, day-to-day thinking? As executives push for weekly or even daily reports and forecasts, finance teams struggle to make sense of massive data volumes, often lacking the tools necessary to quickly access accurate data and extract insights. The result? Your best people spend too much time on repetitive, manual processes rather than driving value. Join us on April 27 and start exercising control over your planning to drive business growth.

Predictive Growth Planning Webinar

Achieving ASC 842 Compliance With Limited Resources

Whether you set out to achieve compliance with ASC 842 and paused when the regulation date shifted, or this is your first time preparing for compliance, your options continue to grow. Join leasing experts from LeaseAccelerator as they cover how private organizations like yours can achieve ASC 842 compliance despite limited resources. They will share how to set and achieve realistic project goals aligned to specific organizational goals and roadmaps. With examples of real-world customer experiences across solutions, services, and partners, they will share how your organization can achieve sustainable ASC 842 compliance.

ASC 842 Compliance

Jargon, Buzzwords & Acronyms: The C-Suite Debate

No question, Corporate Accounting and Finance has it’s share of jargon, buzzwords and acronyms, with new words entering our careers frequently (SPACs are so 2019). But to participate and be relevant in the C-Suite, Controllers and CFOs have to understand, if not master this specialized vernacular. Likewise, those that aspire to Corporate Accounting and Finance must learn the language, or not get that next promotion? Enter the Controllers Council Board of Advisors, a seasoned and intelligent group who will each bring a few of the latest buzzwords, acronyms, and jargon to a Roundtable Discussion.

Accounting Jargon

Best Practices Revealed: Travel & Expense Management Automation

Join us as Ram Bartov, Corporate Controller of TripActions (formerly Corporate Controller at Snowflake), reveals how high-performing finance teams today are embracing automated expense management technology to gain a better line of sight, control, and real-time reporting. He will discuss how this next wave of innovation can improve your organization’s overall T&E process and help you keep pace with changing business realities.

Best Practices Travel and Expense

Cybersecurity for Corporate Finance – Webcast Briefing

Learn about the top Cybersecurity threats that corporate finance needs to understand, and what steps and processes can be implemented to protect and recover from Cybersecurity breaches. Join the Controllers Council and Cybersecurity expert Jerry Irvine, member of the U.S. Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force, the FBI Infragard, the IT Information Sharing and Collaboration Center, and a recent board member of the National Cyber Security Task Force.

Cybersecurity Finance Webinar

Business Intelligence: Simplified for Corporate Finance

Being in the know matters. With a job title like CFO or Controller, you need to keep up with all the latest at your organization to understand how it affects the finances. Luckily, for those organizations who embrace it, Business Intelligence (BI) provides the insights needed to improve decisions and position firms for greater understanding. Learn first-hand how Amir Bednarsh, Corporate Controller, at Kayco leverages Business Intelligence for an interactive, customized, and remarkably user-friendly reporting environment to provide users 24/7, cross-device and real-time access to their data.

Business Intelligence Finance

What Finance Executives Need to Know About Cloud Management Platforms

Cloud Management Platforms including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud are changing the way corporate America manages computing and data storage. As Controllers and the corporate finance department take on more responsibility for technology spend and management, learn about cloud financial applications, cloud cost optimization and management techniques. Panelists include Sam Petras, Controller at VAST IT Services, and Troy Schildan, Cloud Platform Technical Manager for the VAST Cloud Platform who will share insights and answer audience questions.

Cloud Management Platforms

The Controller’s Guide to Becoming a Digital Transformation Champion In 2021

In this on-demand webinar, Cortney Herington, Director of Digital Transformation at HighRadius, and former Director of Finance and Operations at Coca-Cola Bottlers, will explain what it takes to be a digital transformation hero, and how you can emerge as one within the corporate finance organization in the next normal. Cortney will deep dive into strategies to manage workforce and leadership expectations, promote a culture of continuous improvement and deploy the right technology for the finance department, as we move into 2021.

digital transformation champion 2021

2021 Outlook – Webcast Panel Discussion

After an unprecedented 2020, what does 2021 hold for Controllers, CFOs, and corporate finance executives? With vaccines delivering hope, and a new administration taking over, what will the business and economic look like in 2021? To address all these uncertainties a world-class economist, along with a tax and regulation expert will share perspectives and answer audience questions.

2021 Outlook

You Survived 2020, How to Thrive in 2021

Our experts will discuss how you can best utilize people, processes and technology to build a strategy to allow your organization to achieve sustainable, profitable, long-term growth. You will also hear about navigating the tax landscape in the upcoming years ahead.

thrive 2021 webcast

Accounting Robots: How to Automate the Finance Back Office

With remote workforces, Finance Automation has never been a hotter topic. Join our panel of experts to learn tips and best practices for the accounting and finance organization. Panelists include Chris Siegfried, CFO, Armanino LLP, Christopher Wetmore, Principal of the RSM Technology Advisory Practice, and Nick Ezzo, VP Marketing of Auditoria.AI, a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) and SaaS automation company.

Annual / Strategic Planning for Success in 2021

No question, planning is more difficult than ever in these economic, political, and pandemic environments. How does the C-Suite manage annual, strategic and related planning? Learn from our panel that includes Via Strategy Group President/CEO, Jim Treleaven; G2 SVP Finance & Operations, Ted Weitzel; and FloQast Co-Founder and CEO, Mike Whitmire.

The Contemporary Controller – Study Results – Webcast

Join the Controllers Council to learn the results of an important benchmark study on the changing role of Accounting and Financial Controllers. Traditional roles of managing accounting operations and reporting still dominate, but rapidly changing pandemic and economic environments have expanded the Controllers responsibilities in technology, human capital, crisis management and corporate strategy. The objective of the study is to identity how Controllers and their accounting/finance departments are adapting and evolving.

Achieving Finance Reinvention – 5 Steps to Real Transformation

The best finance organizations are looking for different, if not daring, ways to improve the function of finance and the services they deliver. But these reinvention efforts often fail to gain traction with the team. Maybe they’re too tough to launch, too complex to maintain, or teams aren’t fully aware of what’s possible with a new solution. If businesses want to remain relevant in their market, they’ll need to remain competitive—and that requires an appetite for reinvention.

Controller to CFO: Path to Promotion

Interested in getting a promotion? Learn the secrets to success from a CFO that was a controller for multiple organizations. Ted Weitzel, SVP Finance & Operations, G2, and and Controllers Council Director will share his deep insights.

Saved by the Controller – Tales from the Boardroom

This webinar will feature “serial CEO” Jim Treleaven, and Gordon Nettleton, a career CFO/Controller, who will share their many experiences with Controllers that had significant impacts on their companies.

The Black C-Suite: Challenges and Opportunities

The Black C-Suite: Challenges and Opportunities features three black executives that will share experiences in their journey to the C-Suite, while the panel will discuss ideas and solutions for improving representation.

Startup Scaled to IPO–A Controller’s Perspective

This webinar features Brandt Kucharski, Chief Accounting Officer of Grubhub, and Mike Whitmire, CEO of FloQast with details on accounting for startups, funding, and IPOs including changing roles, talent, personal anecdotes, and more.

Accounting Controllers Roundtable – Webcast

Controllers Council hosted a webcast with our esteemed Board of Advisors to share insight into how each has managed during this pandemic, how roles and responsibilities have changed, and what are new priorities for Controllers now and in the near future.

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