How to Build a Business Case for Accounting Automation

You’ve had enough. You’re ready for change. Every single month, you feel pressure to close your books and provide revenue insights faster. You’re frustrated from juggling data from Stripe, Shopify, Adyen, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. – and then struggling to get it all into NetSuite. And you’re over the daily Excel nightmares. Yep, it’s painfully clear to you that your team needs accounting automation. Now the question is, how do you convince other stakeholders? How do you show that accounting automation will benefit the business and not just your team? That it won’t create more work internally? That ROI will be seen and felt quickly? Join this webinar to hear Ray Lau, CEO of Leapfin, walk through how high-growth companies like Canva, Reddit, and SeatGeek successfully built the case for accounting automation and show you how you can do the same. In this session, you’ll learn:
– The right questions to ask and answers to prepare to build your business case
– How to frame up the trade-offs and opportunity costs of maintaining the status quo vs. adopting automation
– Pro tips for getting stakeholder buy-in, evaluating tools, and confidently making a purchase decision
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Accounting Automation