Controllers Council™ is the leading national community, association and platform of Controllers, CFOs, and corporate accounting and finance professionals focused on best practices, training and career resources, recognition, and multiple peer interaction opportunities. We’re based on the premise that the Controller and related titles are critical to organizations of all types and sizes, yet get little recognition in comparison to other C-Suite peers. Case in point, Controllers outnumber CFOs nearly 3-1 in the United States, and almost 6-1 globally. In fact, there are over 250,000 Controllers in the United States, and more than 800,000 Controllers globally (link to a Controllers Infographic here).

Depending on organization size and industry, Controllers are often the top executive after the President or CEO, with broad responsibilities and decision-making authority. And Controllers Council is laser-focused on bringing a wide range of programs and resources to Financial Controllers, and other Accounting/Finance executives including CFOs, Vice Presidents of Accounting and Finance, Chief Accounting Officers (CAOs), CPAs, Directors, and related roles.

Specialized Resources and Programs

Controllers Council provides a variety of educational resources and ongoing programs developed specifically for Controllers and corprate accounting/finance organization via articles, newsletters, training webcasts, whitepapers, research reports, and a Resource Directory. To ensure relevance and technical accuracy, Controllers Council content and programs are guided by a talented and experienced Board of Advisors.

Individual or corporate Membership in the Controllers Council community offers multiple features and benefits including access to a private Member Directory, and peer interaction via Forums, committees and chapters, and free or discounted Continuing Professional Education (CPE). Members can achieve professional certification, and receive complimentary or discounted fees for programs, events and more. Check out complete Membership details here

A national Career Center is available for both employers seeking talent, and controller/accounting/finance professionals seeking career opportunities with thousands of positions listed at all times. The Controllers Council Career Center offers multiple features and resources for both employers and job seekers.

Controllers Council has more than 100,000 subscribers and members across North America, and growing rapidly. Members and non-members can participate in the annual Controller of the Year Awards Program with multiple categories, along with city, state and national recognition. For more information and to access the nomination form, link here.

Finally, relevant companies and brands that serve the Accounting/Finance organization can apply for Affiliate Membership, Resource Directory Listings and Sponsorship, with a variety of options for reaching and engaging with our Controller and corporate finance executive subscribers and members. Controllers Council is a DBA of Modern Associations, Inc. We established a separate 501(c) Not For Profit (Controllers Council ORG) for future programs planned for supporting Accounting education causes.

Controllers Council is made possible by our Sponsors. For more information, visit our Sponsorship page, or Resource Directory.

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