Automate or Stagnate – The Case for Advanced Tech in the Finance Back Office

An overwhelming number of tasks and processes put undue stress on overworked finance teams with manual, repetitive tasks performed daily.
For businesses operating in today’s unpredictable business environment, automated technology that was once a “nice to have” has quickly evolved into a “must have.”
But technology is evolving at light speed, so organizations need to continuously educate teams on what modern options are available.
Finance teams must understand how automation significantly impacts finance operations and comprehend the types of work that credit and collections teams execute once the technology is in place.
Join Nick Ezzo, VP of Marketing and Elaine Nowak, Director Product Marketing at Auditoria.AI, as they explore challenges in the back office and what advanced technology can solve these problems today. Nick and Elaine will examine how the roles in the back office will evolve due to implementing automation and advanced technologies. The team will then review practical steps to get started on a digital transformation journey. 

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