Meet the CFOO – Interview Series – John Bozin

The Meet the Controller / Meet the CFO – Interview Series features fascinating executives from interesting organizations. The fast-paced interview format focuses on “secrets to success” and will bring valuable learning, career advice and big ideas to both aspiring, and seasoned corporate finance executives.
The next interview in the series features John Bozin, CFO of Armanino Strategic Finance Outsourcing (SFO), and CFOO specialist (pron. see-foo or C-F-O-O), the combination of CFO and COO or operating CFO for certain sizes and types of organizations. Prior roles included Chief Finance & Administrative Officer, COO & Deputy Executive Director, an CEO in a variety of sectors, along with numerous boards. John’s multiple academic achievements include an MBA, an MS in Technology Management, a BSBA in Project Management, a BS in Finance, and a Doctorate in Management (Organizational Development and Change). He also holds a Six Sigma/Lean Certification.
Moderated by Controllers Council Executive Director Neil Brown.

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John Bozin