CFO Fireside Chat: How Finance Leaders Can Adapt to Lean Times

The looming recession presents unique challenges for those working in finance roles. With all the chatter about an uncertain economic future, how are you preparing your organization?
In this webinar, you’ll learn how to adapt your processes to do more with less time, effort, and headcount. Whether your organization is still growing or is starting to slow down- finance teams are often asked to adjust and find solutions that fit your business needs.
Join us for a one-on-one discussion with eFileCabinet CFO – Jason Wood, who has over 10 years of experience solving data-driven challenges in various corporate finance departments. Jason will share his unique perspective on how to manage uncertain times with confidence.
Speaker Bio Jason Wood, CFO
With 10-plus years in software-based corporate finance, Jason is passionate about problem-solving with data. As eFileCabinet’s Chief Financial Officer, he is dedicated to supporting the various departments in the company through analytics. He believes in the power of data as the true indicator of success and the key to making smarter business decisions. Jason brings a wealth of experience working for companies such as Intuit, Instructure, and HireVue. He is hardworking, but also a firm believer that you need to enjoy what you do and have periodic fun, or your work and business are likely to suffer.

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Jason Wood