ESG 101: Practical Approaches for Navigating Compliance, Controls, and Sustainability Reporting

The regulatory landscape for sustainability reporting has evolved quickly in recent weeks, with the introduction of IFRS S1 and S2, updates to ESRS, and endorsements from IOSCO. In the United States, the SEC is expected to release their official guidance in the coming weeks – with big implications for both public and private companies. Get up to speed on the latest updates and get prepared for what’s to come with the experts in ESG and sustainability for real estate, equipment, and IT assets. Topics covered in this webinar will include:

– A primer on ESG reporting standards and frameworks to pay attention to

– A summary of regulatory changes to date

– Where to focus first in establishing organizational boundaries and a baseline for reporting

– How to apply industry-specific guidance for managing and measuring your carbon footprint and environmental impact

– Practical controls to consider for regulatory compliance, and scalable, repeatable processes

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