Improve the Speed and Accuracy of your Close and Disclosure Process

Historically the tasks, processes, activities, and workflows involved in the financial close and disclosure process have been siloed, fragmented, and labor intensive. When finance teams are forced to gather, connect, and report on information from across the business manually, it often leads to a high risk of errors, report version doubt, and no time for analysis. Without proper controls and automation in place, your close and disclose process can quickly turn chaotic. That’s where The Connect Effect by insightsoftware comes in. In this webinar, we explore the modern consolidation and disclosure management tools that finance teams need to shrink close cycles, improve reporting, and enable more agile processes that free up time for high value activities.

You will learn:

  • How automating your close and disclosure processes can solve common problems faced by corporate finance teams 
  • Why you should connect data from all key finance processes in one place 
  • Not all consolidation tools are equal. See how instant, intelligent consolidations eliminate data integrity errors and ensure your data is always up to date
  • How to get up and running fast using standard content that is easily configured to fit specific business requirements
  • You don’t need to fear last minute changes in data. Keep internal and external reports in sync and confidently publish in multiple formats and outputs


Jamie Eagan, Vice President, Product Management, insightsoftware

Evan Condran, Director of Product Management, insightsoftware

Watch now on-demand:

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