Why Smart Company Cards are the New Key to Success for Finance

In today’s business environment, your workforce must move quickly and agilely, which often means they need access to company funds in real-time. Modern finance leaders need their teams to move fast and make critical business decisions efficiently. But how do you empower employees to spend company money without opening the floodgates to inappropriate purchases or fraud? With many companies adopting hybrid work models, it’s critical that finance teams have access to flexible spend controls and real-time spend data.
Join this session to learn how, with innovative smart corporate cards, companies can promote a better spend culture—one where finance teams can have greater control over spend and employees feel trusted to spend confidently and compliantly, wherever they are. Tune in and learn how to:

– Empower high performance teams with easy access to products and services that will reduce inefficiencies

– Get access to real-time spend data for flexible planning

– Implement the latest trends around travel and spending behaviors in your team

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