Best Way to Plan for Growth During Market Volatility

Is your company positioned to maximize opportunity, even as market volatility continues? Or are you spending too much time focused on short-term, day-to-day thinking? As executives push for weekly or even daily reports and forecasts, finance teams struggle to make sense of massive data volumes, often lacking the tools necessary to quickly access accurate data and extract insights.

The result? Your best people spend too much time on repetitive, manual processes rather than driving value. Watch our on-demand webinar and start exercising control over your planning to drive business growth. Learn from Josh Schauer, Director of Finance at insightsoftware, and Tim Caudill, Director of Solutions Engineering at insightsoftware to discover:

  • Our 2021 Financial Trends Survey results that identify the top challenges facing finance teams today and areas your peers are prioritizing for investment.
  • How the London Internet Exchange (LINX) has been able to eliminate errors and inaccuracies in their reporting and forecasting processes, spend less time on manual budgeting tasks, and quickly analyze data from multiple systems.
  • How to break data silos, shorten cycles, and provide greater forecast accuracy and confidence by embracing an agile, continuous planning process that utilizes scenario planning and extends beyond finance.

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Predictive Growth Planning Webinar