Boost Visibility with 5 Essential Excel Reports

You likely live in these five reports: Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable. But have you truly unlocked their full potential, or are you settling for the bare minimum? Now, more than ever, visibility into your company’s performance is paramount to making sound decisions. Yet, many finance teams have only scratched the surface of their data’s full potential. Manual exports into Excel are one of the most common, problematic practices we see – but Excel is not the problem. In this webinar, you’ll see first-hand how you can elevate the effectiveness of five essential Excel reports by embracing the power of automation. Topics include how to:
– Consolidate and connect everything you need from your ERP in a place you know and love, Excel.
– Reduce time spent on building and refreshing reports by implementing a real-time connection.
– Boost visibility with drill-down functionality to quickly gather trustworthy insights and drive decisions.
Webinar Speaker: Kevin Gibson, Senior Solutions Engineer, insightsoftware Speaker Bio:
Kevin is a CPA and Senior Solutions Engineer at insightsoftware with over 25 years experience in corporate finance. Kevin works closely with organizations that use SAP®, ORACLE®, J.D. EDWARDS® and many other ERP platforms to provide reporting solution demonstrations for accounting and business users. He has a background in accounting and finance, and prior to working for insightsoftware he was a Spreadsheet Server user for 6 years.

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