Supercharge Your Closing Process by Scaling Quote-to-Revenue

As SaaS deals continue to evolve and become more complex, finance leaders and controllers play an ever-important role in maintaining a streamlined book closing process. Any inefficiencies in your financial tech stack—from quoting to invoicing to recognizing revenue—can mean a slow and tedious book close and reconciliation nightmares between sales and finance.
Learn how to design your organization’s quote-to-revenue process for a significantly faster and more efficient book closing and audit in this fireside chat with our presenters who have firsthand experience running the business systems and technology behind Okta’s hypergrowth phase from $100M to $1B.
What you’ll learn:
– How to define and run a quote-to-revenue process that is future proof
– How to untangle reconciliation nightmares and save time and resources
– How to evaluate technology capabilities critical for quick book closings
– What business systems you need when growing from $10M to $100M to $1B
Prakash Raina, Co-Founder, Subskribe
Leslie Hui, VP, Accounting Ops and Transformation, Okta

Watch now on-demand:

Book Closing
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