Controller’s Roadmap to Build a Best-In-Class Finance Team

Is your finance team over-reliant on spreadsheets and spend hours manually entering and analyzing data? If you are still wondering whether automation is the next step for your business, it could mean you’re already behind.
The best finance teams are agile. They move fast and react quickly. As per D&B, 42% of finance leaders are already focused on implementing new and enhanced technologies to drive efficiencies. A high-functioning finance team can add up to big cultural and organizational changes.
Join this session with Morris Kupfer, Vice President of Finance at HighRadius and learn how Controllers can build a best-in-class finance team by leveraging accounts receivable (AR) automation solutions to drive operational efficiencies, create value, and improve working capital.
What you’ll learn:
– Key concerns in Accounts Receivable (AR) management and impact on cash flows
– Top trends in the digitization of the finance department to drive efficiency with better bottom line achievements
– Numbers don’t lie: Benchmark against your peers and figure out how to build a best-in-class finance team

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Finance Team
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