9 Frequently-Overlooked AP Internal Control Issues: How to Prevent Them

Often it is the little issues, those seemingly unimportant tasks, that when ignored or not handled properly cause huge nightmares in accounts payable. The damage from these problems is immediate and felt directly on the bottom line. When internal controls break down in accounts payable, the results typically include duplicate payments, increased likelihood of fraud, and regulatory noncompliance. With various types of fraud on the rise, no organization can afford to look the other way.
During this webinar, you will learn from Mary S. Schaeffer, a nationally-recognized accounts payable expert, how to:
– Identify nine often-overlooked areas where internal controls fall apart in accounts payable
– Delineate controls that should be put in place to plug weaknesses created by process breakdowns
– Apply best practices in accounts payable to sustain tight internal controls.

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