Countless new members, numerous sponsors, and more than 50,000 sets of eyes on our posts—not a bad haul for the nine-plus months of the Controllers Council’s existence. As we all close out our calendar year, we would today like to take a second to look back at some of the posts that our readers found most insightful.

Understand, Learn, Adapt, and Grow: How is the Controller Role Changing?

From AI setting decision makers up with better information to constantly evolving standards and tax laws, the accounting department will have new opportunities and challenges they need to watch in coming years. But what should your first approach be? An article written to promote our members-only Contemporary Controller study, we look at some of the key takeaways from our report.

If you haven’t yet, check out Understand, Learn, Adapt, and Grow: How is the Controller Role Changing?

What Does the 2021 Hiring Market Look for Accounting Professionals?

Everyone wants to know how their role is changing, but they also want to know how the job market is going to look as well. In What Does the 2021 Hiring Market Look for Accounting Professionals?, we look at the rollercoaster that was 2020 and highlight the changing dynamics of the hiring market, the new expectations from professionals, and provide a variety of resources for upskilling.

The CPE Challenge: Affording Your Continued Education and Focusing on What Matters

Companies expect new skills from their accountants, and unless you plan to retire before the CPA Evolution takes place in 2024, you’re going to be expected to take on new knowledge about practical skills.

In our third-most trafficked article in 2020, we look to provide a bit of clarity on the changes coming to CPE and the best options for finding affordable and relevant courses with our partner Illumeo.

Learn more in The CPE Challenge: Affording Your Continued Education and Focusing on What Matters.

Preparing for 1099 Changes at Year-End

1099 season is here and 2020 has changed the processes and documents. One of our most recently written articles, this is one of the most topical as we close out the year. Why? Simple. 1099-MISC has been reformatted, some of its information was added to a different form, and it’s on you to adapt or prepare for a taxing time.

In our article, Preparing for 1099 Changes at Year-End, we look at the new 1099-NEC and the changes you may have to make before sending out documents.

More Changes Coming to Lease Accounting? FASB Proposes 3 Changes

The lease rules are complicated. With public companies still working to clarify everything, private companies were given some recourse—a delay in adoption. During this delay, new challenges have popped up and in October, the FASB proposed three changes to the lease standard that may affect you.

Bracing for PPP Forgiveness Applications: What to Know

PPP forgiveness and the associated tax impacts are still getting fleshed out. But with many banks opening applications for loan forgiveness, you may have an opportunity to file sooner rather than later. In Bracing for PPP Forgiveness Applications: What to Know, we discuss whether or not you should apply and the advantages and disadvantages that go along with it. 

How Controllers Move the World

As the person responsible for steering the organization, managing many of the finance and accounting functions, and ultimately keeping the company moving in the right direction, the controllership position has remained one of the most vital people responsible for a company’s short- and long-term financial health. But who makes up this role and how do they affect the company? We look at just some of the important nuances in our infographic, How Controllers Move the World.

A Deeper Look at CPA Evolution

Digital skills, data mining and visualization, and technical skills will be among the most heavily needed skills for the future generation of the accounting profession. How is the education landscape going to change and what should you know about the coming crops of new hires? We explore this all in A Deeper Look at CPA Evolution.

Tax Season is Coming: Forgiveness, Denials, and a Lot of Tax Complexity

Tax filing for 2020 will likely be more… interesting than normal. But after the year that was 2020—complete with a pandemic, recession, and election—what else would you expect? Though the Paycheck Protection Program did a lot to keep businesses afloat, the fallout may come during tax filing season. In Tax Season is Coming: Forgiveness, Denials, and a Lot of Tax Complexity, we discuss some of the potential tax impacts that forgiveness may have on you.

Building a Scalable AP Process

Controllers are asked to do more than ever. Whether that’s a move into operations, a requirement that you take over the HR side of business, or simply the management of financial processes, it’s harder than ever to keep up with the day to day responsibilities of your job. Staying ahead of the constant motion is a challenge, and many have looked at new ways to automate and facilitate processes. In Building a Scalable AP Process, we discuss how AP processes need to improve both now and in the future.

Happy New Year from the Controllers Council

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