Running the finance and accounting department in 2020 has been… A bit different. Not only have you had to manage a seemingly neverending series of crises, you’ve probably had to do it from a home office, collaborating with your team using Zoom, and leveraging a variety of tools that you hadn’t intended to use or even thought about using before February.

But you and your team have valiantly and professionally handled these challenges and steered the company through troubled waters.

Understandably, this was part of your job description, even if you had never expected to be tasked with keeping your company afloat because someone ate a bat infected by a lab in the middle of a Chinese city you probably never heard of. But—that’s 2020 for you.

An Evolving Role, an Evolving Skillset—Just Part of the Controllership

As a controller, your role has likely changed dramatically over the course of the past five years. New technology has made it easier for you to shift focus from bean counting to guidance, process improvements have resulted in cleaner and more efficient tasks, and you’ve been able to do more to lead your company.

Our goal at the Controllers Council is to help you navigate this changing landscape. Our rapidly growing community of finance professionals are helping each other to make the most out of their jobs through networking programs, thought leadership, and recognition.

The Contemporary Controller: New Survey Needs Your Opinion

As the fastest-growing community of controllers and finance professionals, we want to help our members and the 900,000 controllers worldwide to stay ahead of the trends, challenges, and opportunities presented to them.

Though our staff has been diligently working to deliver the latest news and insights, we wanted to take this one step further, and last week, we announced our first-ever survey and benchmark report.

The Contemporary Controller – Changing Roles and Responsibilities is a combined study and webcast event designed to help controllers make the most of their job both today and in the future.

Written to help controllers understand the ongoing changes to their role, our survey looks to discuss the shift from traditional roles like reporting and accounting operations into a role that includes technology, human capital, crisis management and corporate strategy. But we need your help.

Get the Study: Contemporary Controller – Changing Roles and Responsibilities

In July through October 2020, the Controllers Council surveyed more than 300 Controllers, CFOs, and related professionals in accounting and corporate finance roles. The objective of this study:  to identify how the roles and responsibilities of these important executives have changed, adapted and evolved. Get the report here.