Becoming a CPA and forging ahead with an accounting career requires amongst many things, quality education. With an accounting degree, graduates earn a skill set that can be applied in fields such as financial management, financial advising, forensic accounting and import/export brokerage.

Since the quality of your degree can have a direct impact on the kind of opportunities that come your way, you want to get into the best possible accounting program.

There are so many universities in the US that offer accounting programs. To help make choosing the right one easier, we have put together a list of 12 top undergraduate and masters accounting programs available in the US.

University of Texas – McCombs School of Business

Ranked #1 for the past decade by US News and World Report, the McCombs School of Business offers high-quality accounting programs. The school offers Bachelor’s of Business Administration (BBA), Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcc.) and Ph.D. programs. 

Students can opt for an integrated five-year program. They enjoy high-tech facilities like active learning classrooms and opportunities for internships and networking which can help with kick-starting their careers.

McCombs School of Business

Indiana University – Kelley School of Business

At the Kelley School of Business, accounting can be studied up to the Ph.D. level. Graduates have the choice of either a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or a Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) to prepare for CPA exams. 

The Kelley School is housed in the University of Indiana, a prestigious public university that provides an educational experience comparable to Ivy League colleges. The university is ranked as a Public Ivy and that speaks to the quality of the Kelley School accounting program.

Students can gain real-life skills from field consulting experiences and field study projects.

Kelley School of Business

Arizona State University – W.P. Carey School of Business

The Carey School of Business curriculum offers technical expertise and business knowledge to undergraduate students. Graduates can go on to participate in the Master of Taxation program (MTax) or Master of Accountancy (MAcc) to qualify for the CPA exam.

With an MTax, a graduate can pursue a career in tax law or business and tax advisory. A MAcc furnishes the CPA with advanced accounting expertise, ready for a career in general accounting.

Having almost a 100% employment rate of participants, the WP Carey accounting graduate program at Arizona State is definitely doing excellent work.

WP Carey School of Business

New York University – Stern School of Business

Just like the city, the New York University (NYU) has a reputation that precedes it. One of the largest privately-owned universities in the US, NYU is known to be well connected to the business community. Its connections and prominent accounting program are an advantage for its accounting graduates.

The Stern School of Business is NYU’s accounting program. It makes room for students to co-major or major in accounting, getting them equipped for a robust career in business and finance. 

Students who have intentions of taking the CPA exam can go for an undergraduate CPA track. Bachelor’s degree holders who desire in-depth knowledge across different fields of accounting can pursue the highly reputable Stern MBA program.

Stern School of Business

Brigham Young University- Marriott School of Accountancy

The Marriott School of Accountancy has a lot going for it. Chief among those are an innovative curriculum, high CPA exam pass rates and nationwide recognition.

With the excellent and effective teaching that the program offers on all levels, the Master of Accountancy graduates have about a 100% employment rate yearly.

The School encourages students to participate in internships, volunteering, business competitions and student organizations to obtain valuable experience and connections. There is also a Ph.D. Prep track for students who wish to pursue a Ph.D. in Accounting.

Marriott School of Accountancy

Boston College – Carroll School of Management

At the Carroll School at Boston College, students are allowed to personalize learning experiences according to their career goals and individual backgrounds and career goals. They also have the opportunity to obtain a dual degree.

Undergraduates in the Carroll School of Management may choose an accounting major that provides them with a comprehensive overview of the field. Then at the Master’s level, they can either go for an MBA or MSc Accounting or Finance.

The Carroll School is much acclaimed for its accounting program that is rigorous and promotes ethical decision-making in accounting.

Carroll School of Management

University of Southern California –  Leventhal School of Accounting

The Leventhal School boasts of award-winning faculty members, exceptional research, a flexible curriculum and a focus on international business practices.

Students at this prestigious school of accounting, can major in accounting at the undergraduate level and still study the discipline at the postgraduate level.

The Master of Accounting and Master of Business Taxation programs run by the  Leventhal School of Accounting prepare students for a successful career through in-depth teaching of accounting and taxation.

Leventhal School of Accounting

University of Michigan – Ross School of Business

Apart from its excellent undergraduate degree in accounting, the Ross School of Business offers an innovative Master’s program. 

The program is a dynamic combination of an MBA and a MAcc that provides essential knowledge in the changing business world. It prepares students for the CPA exam and a robust choice of careers.

Additionally, the School’s close-knit relationship with the business community bodes well for students. They have plentiful opportunities to gain valuable work experiences while studying and better chances of finding gainful employment when they graduate.

Ross School of Business

University of Illinois – Champaign College of Business

The Champaign College of Business is at the highly-rated University of Illinois. It offers excellent study facilities and opportunities to study abroad. The School also boasts of the world’s largest student-run consultancy and high employment rates.

The Champaign College accounting program includes a four-year Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (B.Acc), a Master of Accounting Science (MSAcc), a Master of Science in Tax (MSTax), an MSA and a Ph.D. program.

Champaign College gives students the room to specialize in their chosen field while preparing for the CPA exam.

Champaign College of Business

University of Pennsylvania –  Wharton School of Business

The Wharton School of Business has the expertise and first-rate research facilities and that intending accounting researchers will find valuable when undertaking a Ph.D.

The program allows accounting undergraduates at the University of Pennsylvania to take on accounting concentration with a diversified curriculum. This includes courses in auditing and taxation.

To qualify for the CPA exam, students can take additional accounting courses and go through Wharton School’s prestigious MBA program.

Wharton School of Business

University of Notre Dame – Mendoza College of Business

The University of Notre Dame is popular for its first-rate accounting research and the Mendoza accounting program has remained at the top in national rankings.

The College supports its exceptional teaching with a Tax Assistance Program, extra-curricular activities, and impactful career guidance services. 

The Mendoza College of Business allows students to major in accountancy. Then it offers qualification for the CPA exam through an MBA or a Master of Science in Accountancy.

Mendoza College of Business

University of Chicago – Booth School of Business

The Booth School of Business offers only an MBA and Ph.D. accounting programs. The Master’s curriculum covers financial statement analysis, accounting and financial analysis, managerial accounting and taxation.

Students can pursue the MBA full-time, on evenings or weekends, thanks to the program’s flexibility. Extra-curricular activities offered by the School include the American Bankruptcy Institute Corporate Restructuring Competition.

Intending CPAs are offered in-depth expertise with hands-on experience at the Booth School. 

Booth School of Business

Ohio State University – Fisher College of Business

The Ohio State University is one of the top accounting research colleges in the US. The university helps students kick-start their careers through opportunities for real-world experience and business partnerships. 

At the undergraduate level, the Fisher College of Business offers a choice of 12 specializations. These include government, management, and nonprofit accounting and tax.

The School’s Master’s programs are an MBA or MAcc.

Fisher College of Business

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