The right software can help you streamline, strategize, and gain access to your most valuable data. By implementing corporate performance management (CPM) software, you can hone your strategy and track your KPIs to measure your organizational effectiveness. 

Here are the top 5 corporate performance management solutions.

What Is Corporate Performance Management?

Corporate performance management is an umbrella term that refers to the processes and strategies that help an organization manage three critical areas:

  • Planning and budgeting
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Consolidation and close management

CPM should be distinguished from enterprise performance management (EPM). While CPM is comprehensive in scope, EPM software emphasizes human resource management.

Some CPM solutions are classified as financial corporate performance management software, which uses financial performance data such as revenue and costs to measure an organization’s performance against specific financial goals.

Best Corporate Performance Management Solutions

The following products represent 5 of today’s best CPM solutions. Each one is available through a monthly subscription.

1. SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud edges out the rest of the list with its simple user interface and compatibility with the accounting industry. 

The tool relies on a combination of analytics and planning to help drive your corporate decisions, all while giving you immediate access to a variety of data sources. The integrated dashboard gives you greater visibility of your core processes as well as the ability to plan and strategize.

Plans are available for as low as $36 per user per month, though you can also build a package to suit your specific needs. You can also try the software for free for 30 days, with the option to extend it to 90 days, as needed.

2. Vena

Vena focuses on accounting and financial service providers, though the platform’s main benefit is the ability to scale. With past clients that include Nike, Coca-Cola Consolidated, and the Kansas City Chiefs, you can have confidence in Vena’s ability to guide you as you expand your business.

Users gain access to the simplicity of an Excel spreadsheet with the advantages of Vena’s powerful technology. Vena offers demos upon request and can put together a pricing plan that matches your needs.

3. Jirav

Small to midsize businesses might consider Jirav, which is optimized for organizations of 5 to 500 employees. Jirav can integrate with other common business tools, such as Xero, QuickBooks, and NetSuite. The comprehensive software package allows you to budget, forecast, and analyze your data through a centralized, intuitive dashboard.

Jirav’s starter plan costs $500 per month, though users can also request a free 14-day trial. The pro plan is $1,000 per month, but it comes with collaborative tools that may be useful for teams. This makes Jirav a helpful option for smaller companies, though it’s easy to imagine some businesses outgrowing these basic needs as they expand.

4. Casual

With Casual, you can take advantage of an interactive, visual dashboard that enables you to build financial models and then communicate them more effectively to your employees or stakeholders. And because the models are constructed in the platform’s centralized dashboard, the process takes only minutes to complete.

Best of all, Casual is free for personal use. At no cost, you get access to 5 financial models and 25 category items. 

Unlimited models are available with the startup plan, which costs $250 per month. This plan allows for two users, though you can add more users for $29 per month. The business plan includes 50 to 1,000 users and offers advanced support. Pricing for this plan is available only on request.

These features make Casual a great option for startups, though it lacks the robust features of some of the other options on this list.

5. Workiva

Workiva brings another layer of transparency to the world of reporting and compliance. The platform is designed to help multiple users collaborate and integrate data seamlessly, which may be beneficial in an age where teams are often geographically separated.

Workiva is highly adaptive, which means that you can leverage this flexible platform to deliver flawless solutions without fear of missed deadlines or errors in your data. 

Additionally, the automated features that Workiva delivers can streamline multiple processes at once, ensuring faster turnaround time for your routine processes and possibly enabling you to reassign employees to more productive tasks.

Workiva also offers specialized solutions for ESG reporting, SEC reporting, and other reporting needs, which makes it an effective platform for helping you and your team stay in compliance. 

You can request a demo through the company’s website, and pricing is available upon request.

Find a Solution that Works for You

The right software can make all the difference. With CPM tools like these, your organization can better manage its valuable data, streamline your routine processes, and ensure compliance with all established financial and industry regulations.