CPE has long been a part of the accounting profession—and no matter what license you hold, maintaining it requires you to never stop learning. But after 2020, a year that shook up the business landscape, many have looked at different ways to maintain this learning—and a healthy number have determined that virtual learning is just as hot as a virtual office.

Why Virtual CPE Is Opening Up Learning

As discussed in a recent article on Accounting Today, many companies are reaping the rewards of a virtual environment for CPE. From online classes to the re-imagination of seminars, those who need to keep up with their licenses have a lot to gain. 

Better Attendance, Increased Diversity

One of the biggest benefits of your staff participating in virtual continuous learning events is the participation. Think of the CPE classes you took last year and compare it to the classes your company sent you to in the past. Understandably, you may have found yourself attending some bigger-picture courses as you went higher up the ladder.

Understandably, each of these courses did provide you a good learning experience, but the best of the best classes end up in centralized locations at a decent cost to you or your company.

Much like the rise of massive online open courses and their ability to provide education from Harvard professors at minimal cost to the attendee, the same will go for CPE in the future. As discussed by Annie Schwab, Tax Services Manager at Padgett Business Services,

“Since previous conferences often were held at central locations, that reduced the number of people from each office who could attend,” Schwab said. “However, a virtual setting can bring more office employees into the fold. The number of attendees for our annual tax seminar nearly doubled this year over last.”

Increased Focus on behalf of Organizers

If you have children, you already know that online learning is tough. Organizers feel the same way—the only difference is that there’s accountability for CPE leaders. A bad showing can directly impact the presenter and organizer’s ability to draw in future attendees, so they’re prioritizing engagement and positive outcomes.

Engagement had evolved since the initial outbreak. People better understand how to use conferencing software and we’re beginning to see better utilization of these technologies. Breakouts and casual networking are now more plausible than ever, making virtual events just as engaging as live ones.

Meaningful Cost Savings

Imagine getting all of the benefits of a normal conference without having to pay for travel, lodging, and the like. This meaningful cost savings will translate to a wide variety of improved outcomes, whether that’s better learning opportunities, reinvestment, or bonuses.

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