As the finance and accounting world has evolved, so have the expectations of stakeholders both internal and external. Faster reports, better information, and deeper analysis all have been among the top priorities for the accounting and finance leader as we approach 2021, but with the lockdowns and work from home orders of 2020, many had to put their initiatives on hold.

That said, while companies were struggling to put their employees in a position for success, others have been able to free themselves from the manual, error-prone, and low-value tasks while taking steps to get more from their information. From early stages with robotic process automation, an algorithm-driven and rules-based approach to automaton to machine learning, companies are getting more from their data. But how will it impact you? We’re taking a look at the challenges and opportunities for embracing this, as well as inviting you to one of our most highly anticipated webcasts of 2020.

AI in Finance and Accounting: An Evolving Business Need

From burger flipping to science fiction nemeses to some use cases we would not like to describe here, robots have continued to change the way businesses and the world operates. That said, it’s long been a conversation in the accounting world on what impact AI may have on professionals. We’ve explored a lot on the role of AI in a recent whitepaper, and are excited to hear even more in our finance automation webcast.

It Won’t Kill Your Job

One of the biggest worries of those in the finance department is AI’s impact on your job. Will it replace you? No—unless you have a position that can be automated. Humans know how to deliver context and direction, and outside of the Excel jockey, there’s a good chance that your accounting staff will benefit.

It’s a Top Priority for CFOs

Something we’ve discussed in a recent blog, AI has been finding increased use in the business world as companies work to bring on technology that improves decisions without causing additional input from humans. CFOs are embracing it, and controllers need to be ready for the investment in and training of AI sooner rather than later.

It’s Going to Help

For the controller, whose job is built on internal controls and risk reduction, AI is going to be a godsend. From invoice matching to expense report approval, all of the tasks you need accuracy in are also tasks that can be given to AI.

Join Us for Accounting Robots—How to Automate the Finance Back Office

Knowing the importance of automation and intelligence—especially when your business is short-staffed and remote—is something that can set you up for both recovery and long-term growth. AI will allow leaders to speed up their business, reduce errors, and increase visibility. That’s why we’re excited to welcome esteemed guests for an upcoming webinar on the potential for AI in the finance department.

The webinar, Accounting Robots: How to Automate the Finance Back Office, will feature Chris Siegfried, CFO, Armanino LLP, Christopher Wetmore, Principal of the RSM Technology Advisory Practice, and Nick Ezzo, VP Marketing,  Auditoria.AI, a pioneer in AI-driven automation solutions for corporate finance teams. The panel discussion will be moderated by Lindy Antonelli, Partner, Armanino, and Board Chair of the Controllers Council.

Scheduled for November 19, 2020 at 1 PM CST, this webcast will show off all the latest trends in the accounting world, discussing key applications for Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning and more. We are extremely pleased to welcome some of the biggest innovators in the in the industry, and invite members and non-members to watch the free webcast here.