Controllers are some of the hardest working people in an organization. But unfortunately, they have been overlooked. For those 250,000 of you in the United States, you’ve probably seen a variety of organizations focused on your peers. But what about you?

We launched the Controllers Council with one goal in mind—to represent the people who hold this largely unheralded position. From networking opportunities to benchmarking, our goal is to help you get more from your job and do more with your skills. Though there are many reasons to join, here are five of our favorites.

1. Put Your Best Face Forward

You might not be the most outspoken person in your organization—it’s why controllers are considered the unsung heroes of the organization. But with the Controllers Council, you get to shine. Whether it’s joining discussions or discussing best practices, you’re in control of your member profile.

By joining the Controllers Council, you have the ability to create a member profile and join in discussions with others. Your Member Profile includes complete contact information (email, phone, LinkedIn profile link); optional photo; links to published articles; Committee and/or Chapter Leadership Roles listed.

2. Grow Your Career

Whether you’re in the market for a new job following the economic fallout from COVID-19 or just always are keeping an eye out for whatever is next, the Controllers Council can get you where you need to be. Not only will you be more informed—thanks to the networking and research provided by the Controllers Council and its sponsors—you will also be the first to see which jobs are available thanks to the Controllers Council Career Center.

3. Get Recognized for Your Contributions

Like we said before, controllers are the unsung heroes of their companies. But why should you be unsung? Probably because there’s not really an awards program for controllers. Well, there wasn’t an awards program for controllers. Joining the Controllers Council will give you a free entry to the Controller of the Year awards so that you’re no longer an unsung hero.

4. Get Certified—Certified Professional Controller Program

Ready to get recognized? Ready to put another coveted certification on your LinkedIn profile? The Certified Professional Controller (CPC) credential was established for Controllers and related titles that are members of the Controllers Council, and are committed to best practices, ongoing training and education, and participating in our professional community.

CPC is not based on an examination, rather career and professional experience. Based on responses to the questions below, Controllers Council uses an algorithm to determine this professional achievement.

5. Free Book from Esteemed Author Michael Whitmire

Did business school or CPA prep classes really prepare you for a role in finance? Is CPE only giving you some of the skills needed? Controllers in the 21st Century need to master more than technical accounting skills to become the strategic leaders their companies need today.

That’s why we partnered with Mike Whitmire, CEO and co-founder of FloQast to offer Controllers Council members a book written to help you master the skills they don’t teach you in school, including how to:

  • Lead with Confidence: The leadership and management skills you need to stand out as a strategic controller.
  • Build a Winning Team: Learn how to hire the right people for the right positions and create an accountable and engaged culture.
  • Reduce Risk: Stay ahead of emerging problems by being willing to do things differently and using tech so you can see what others don’t.

This book itself will offer you invaluable insights on what it takes to grow your career and do more with your role. Better yet, it’s free with membership.

What Are You Waiting for? Join Controllers Council Today!

Controllers Council is a national community and platform of Controllers, Accounting and Finance professionals focused on accounting best practices, information and resources, recognition and networking. Both individual and corporate memberships are available. Membership has many features and benefits to propel your career and expertise, and to be an active participant in our exciting community. Questions? Contact Controllers Council via email or call Neil Brown, Executive Director at 312-869-2180. Click here to join.