As the fastest growing community of controllers, accounting, and corporate finance professionals, the last three quarters have flown by. Dozens of events, hundreds of contributions to our Contemporary Controller study, and thousands of new viewers every month, 2020 has been a fast-paced year.

Our Monthly Sponsor Roundup Series

But without our members—or sponsors—none of this would be possible. This support has allowed us to grow, diversify, and expand our footprint in the finance space, and thanks to you, we have some big things planned for the coming year.

Last week was Thanksgiving. Not only did this give me a chance to rest and recuperate, it also gave me the opportunity to reflect and look at how to give back to those who have done so much to help put the Controllers Council on the map and provide us with the much needed capital we need to keep doing more for the corporate finance community.

That’s why, as of the time of writing, I’m launching a new monthly series to highlight the news, insights, and culture of our esteemed sponsor base.  Paired with a few other content initiatives coming in 2021 including “Five Questions With” series, our Voice of the Community series (December’s topic is the Winter 2021 book list), and a few others, the Sponsor Roundup initiative will become a regular part of Controllers Council monthly programming.

Author’s Note: If you’re a sponsor and want me to highlight anything specific in coming issues, drop me a line at steve(at) before the end of the month. If you’re not a sponsor, learn about all of the benefits here.

News and Insights from

Controllers Council Gold sponsor delivers intelligent business payments solutions for small and medium businesses, helping to automate your PO-to-payment process and save 50% of your time on accounts payable. 

  • Grow Your Practice by Mastering Business Development Conversations: As a modern business developer, you need to find ways to ensure you and your firm stand out. What goes into productive business development in today’s firm? author Amy Franko shows off a framework for success in the business development landscape.
  • The Ecosystem of Pricing Professional Services: Pricing is one of the most complicated things that any firm has to plan. This leads to difficulty with firms then developing the competency of pricing as well. After a recent webinar on pricing, contributor Jason Blumer explores the path to developing a pricing strategy that satisfies clients and grows margins.
  • Flexible AP for an Uncertain Future: The unprecedented demands of 2020 have pushed current AP systems to their limits. During the rush to transition everyone to work-from-home setups, your bill pay processes need to be able to adapt to meet the times. Here are a few tips from director of product marketing at Mark Gervase on embracing AP flexibility.

Looking to learn even more? recently joined us for Achieving Finance Reinvention – 5 Steps to Real Transformation. This webinar looked at how businesses can remain relevant in their market, by focusing their efforts on reinvention. Learn more and watch this on demand here.

Insights from FloQast

FloQast is close management software built by accountants for accountants so they can close faster and more accurately.

  • What is a Financial Shared Services Center? For more than four decades, companies have been successfully using shared service centers as a way to cut costs and optimize internal operations. By standardizing, consolidating, and reengineering their back-office operations, shared service centers provide efficiency. Learn more about how they work here.
  • What Should Accounting Firms Know about Going Public? There are a whole lot of moving parts in the IPO process. Following a webinar with panelists including leaders from PwC, Purple, and Domo, FloQast published a blog highlighting considerations in the timing, processes, and people. 

Controllers have faced a lot of challenges in 2020. This year has been a year that no company or executive could have accurately predicted due to unprecedented events. Get to know more about how companies plan to tackle 2021 with this new whitepaper from FloQast.

Upcoming CPE Courses from Illumeo

Keep up to date with CPE. Last month, we announced a partnership with Illumeo to provide Controllers Council Members with discounted CPE courses—as well as a few free ones every once in a while. So far, we have one upcoming course in December available for free.

2020 Federal Tax Update

This webinar discusses recent judicial and administrative tax decisions impacting corporations, pass-through entities, and individuals. It includes a brief review of the judicial and administrative tax system includes a discussion of which court a taxpayer should use when an administrative remedy cannot be reached in an IRS audit. Scheduled for December 15, you can learn more and register for this webinar here.

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