The term ‘new normal’ is one of those many phrases that has been bandied about quite often over the past two months. “Work from home is part of the new normal.” “Masks in public are part of the new normal.” This, that, and the other thing—all part of the new normal.

A lot has changed and a lot more will change as we ramp up for recovery. However, you already know that not everything is feasible—financially, culturally, or otherwise—and as someone whose job is built on ensuring efforts create value, it’s important to prioritize your efforts.

From changing roles to new responsibilities to evolving protections, adapting to the new normal means doing what you can without jeopardizing the health, morale, or financial future of the company. We’ve planned a free virtual roundtable event to help you address the challenges of the ‘new normal’ and adapt your business. Watch now.

Controllers Roundtable: Changing Roles and Priorities

At the Controllers Council, our focus is to help you work smarter, connect with your peers, and lead more effectively. As someone who plays a vital role in keeping the lights on both figuratively and literally, some of the most important business decisions of your career will come in the next couple months.

The Spotlight is on You: Steer the Ship with Benchmarking Tips

Money will be tight, employees will worry about both their health and their livelihoods, and it’s on you to walk the tightrope as the person in charge of the money.

Understandably, you also know that one of the most effective tools in your belt is the ability to benchmark. Benchmarking lets you understand what others are doing and use the successes of others to steer your organization’s focus.

To help you better understand the changing roles, priorities, and responsibilities of today’s business landscape, we’ve brought together some of the brightest minds in the industry to discuss the changes their companies have made and will make to address the challenges presented by the coronavirus outbreak.

Watch Our Controller’s Roundtable–Changing Roles and Priorities

Just in time for the ramp-up, we’re excited to announce our first major event to help you adapt and prioritize. Featuring five accounting and finance executives, this highly anticipated event will share pandemic management insights and help you take action.

The Controller’s Roundtable–Changing Roles and Priorities webinar will bring together panelists including Ted Weitzel, SVP, Finance & Operations at G2; Jhemma Winkworth, Controller at Relativity; Raykhan Bekimbetova, Controller of (ISC)²; and Roman Matatov, Corporate Controller, Verana Health. 

Moderated by Controllers Council Board Chair Lindy Antonelli, Partner at Armanino, this diverse group of financial executives will discuss their experiences and strategies, answer your questions, and provide insight that you need to progress confidently.

Click here to watch now.