The Definitive Guide to Microsoft 365 Backup and Data Protection

More than 250 million commercial users rely on M365 every month, creating more unstructured business data than ever before.

Did you know that M365 doesn’t offer a built-in data protection and disaster recovery solution?

In fact, Microsoft states that they are not liable for any disruption or loss you may suffer as a result of a disruption or outage. In addition, the threat of cybersecurity issues could cost your business time and money.

This whitepaper will explore:

  • The big gap in Microsoft 365 data protection services
  • Types of data risks with cloud-based software
  • Advantages of using a third-party M365 backup and data protection solution
  • How your business can seamlessly implement a third-party solution

Download now and discover what Microsoft recommends you do in order to keep your data protected:

m365 data protection
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