The Controller’s Guide to Spend Management

Thanks to advances in technology, controllers have the opportunity and visibility to understand spending practices across their organizations and apply precision tools — not blunt instruments — to contain costs. With the added insight these technologies offer, Business Spend Management (BSM) has emerged, and is empowering finance leadership to better understand — and influence — how resources are being used across their company. With increased visibility across all spend types, from COGS to operating expenses, finance professionals are better able to make the informed decisions necessary to ensure their company remains competitive.

This guide outlines how BSM technology can solve the challenges of legacy spend management processes and systems, unlock cash flow, improve liquidity, reduce risk, and enable sustainable growth. Gain insight into:

      • The risks of siloed spend management systems and practices
      • The importance of BSM to strategic financial management
      • The organizational control BSM technology yields
      • How and why finance executives are implementing Coupa BSM software and the outcomes they achieve

spend management guide