Controllers Council Seal of Approval – Application Form

The Controllers Council Seal of Approval is a program that leverages our growing community of Controllers, CFOs, and related corporate finance professionals to validate and rate services, solutions and products used in their organizations.

For brands, the Seal of Approval recognizes superior performance from actual users, customers, and corporate finance subject matter experts. The program entails a free application process, a screening algorithm, and a confidential and anonymous community survey and rating.

Brands that apply and achieve top rating thresholds will be notified and have the right to license the use of the Controllers Council Seal of Approval for a period of 12 months. After the 12 month period, a new community survey and rating can be conducted with brands notified upon completion.

The Seal of Approval “badge” can be used in advertising, publicity, websites, email signatures, and all marketing communications. Badges are available in color or white reverse options. 

Seal of Approval

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