F&A PRIORITIES: Recruiting & Retaining Talent

The value that finance and accounting teams provide their organizations is largely dependent on how they spend their time. In the post-pandemic era, businesses everywhere have faced a war for talent, widely referred to as “The Great Resignation” or “The Great Reshuffle.” This global movement has brought unprecedented churn in the labor market and significantly altered the way companies and their executives think about talent management. 

With an estimated 44% of workers looking for a new job—for reasons including higher pay, better benefits, job security, flexible work arrangements, and overall work/life balance— it’s no wonder organizations need to assess their recruiting and retention strategies. Read this whitepaper to learn how F&A leaders are recruiting and retaining top talent.

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The Accountant Shortage: Using Technology to Make Life Easier for ControllersTuesday, March 28, 1 PM CST

Today’s controllers are looking for ways to take things off their plate and do more with less, especially as the accountant shortage deepens. Fortunately, you can gain significant efficiencies across your teams, systems, and workflows with the right approach and technologies — and Brex VP Chief Accounting Officer, Erik Zhou, and Brex Controller, Kevin Moore, are eager to tell you how.