The Digital Controller/CFO

Benchmark Study (2022)


In this year’s study, the objective is to identify how Controllers, CFOs, and their accounting and corporate finance departments are adapting to the digital revolution that’s already well underway. The data gathered builds on what we know from the previous years’ push for digitization, but forms a fuller picture of the current trends and the unique strategic role corporate accounting and finance departments need to take regarding technology, talent management, and other business operations.

Controllers and CFOs have shifted from the traditional roles of financial reporting and compliance, to take on greater responsibilities in many aspects of accounting/finance and corporate technology. We conducted The Digital Controller/CFO: Benchmark Study 2022 to identify the current trends in duties, roles, and responsibilities for Controllers, CFOs, and other accounting professionals.


We polled nearly 300 Controllers, CFOs, and accounting professionals across the United States in this survey which was conducted from July through September of 2022. The main purpose was to identify how corporate finance professionals are changing and adapting to the digital revolution.


The conclusions are insightful, carefully documented and analyzed in this Benchmark Study Report sponsored by Trintech. Download now:

Digital Controller/CFO Study - 2022
The Accountant Shortage: Using Technology to Make Life Easier for ControllersTuesday, March 28, 1 PM CST

Today’s controllers are looking for ways to take things off their plate and do more with less, especially as the accountant shortage deepens. Fortunately, you can gain significant efficiencies across your teams, systems, and workflows with the right approach and technologies — and Brex VP Chief Accounting Officer, Erik Zhou, and Brex Controller, Kevin Moore, are eager to tell you how.