Agility in Financial Reporting and Consolidation – Global Survey 2021

Nearly 67% of companies are delaying tasks that result in a month-end mountain—overwhelming Finance and obscuring the view of financial insight. And a significant proportion of companies take eight or more days to complete the process, so there is clearly an issue with how time is spent on certain tasks.

Digital transformation works, accelerating the reporting process and driving faster and more accurate decision-making.

This is the key finding from FSN’s recent survey. The results provide a benchmark for where your organisation is on the ‘agility dial,’ along with clear pointers to help improve the efficiency, quality, and agility of your financial operations.

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  • How to overcome the frantic rush at the month-end
  • Why companies that have invested in transforming their financial reporting process outperform their contemporaries
  • The most crucial step in reducing the size of the month-end mountain

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