9 BI Trends For 2021

Despite all the change this year, data has held, if not strengthened its position, as a critical business asset. The businesses with access to up-to-date data have coped better with disruption because managers and CFOs were able to identify changes, diagnose specific issues in detail, and move fast to respond. As we review BI trends for 2021, we can’t go past the mega-trend in the business intelligence market – the intersection of data analytics and finance. This eBook outlines notable advancements in finance as well as provides tips on how data is impacting other lines of business. While it has been a challenging time for many, there has been a shift in attitude towards digital transformation and the need for robust data visibility, online revenue-generating channels, and virtual workplaces. The pace of BI and data adoption is accelerating – what can you do to keep up? Download now to find out:
Top BI and data trends for 2021
How to Optimize B2B Payments for Your Business (CPE)Thursday, June 8 1 PM CST

ACH. Credit cards. Virtual cards. Real-time payments. And more. The number of B2B payment choices has grown over the years, with each having its own benefits and tradeoffs. How do you go about choosing the best payment strategy for your business?