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Euler Hermes is the worldwide leader in trade credit insurance and offers expert solutions such as surety bonds, debt collection, trade credit risk, political risk, credit management and business fraud insurance.

Our mission is to help customers globally to trade wisely and develop their business safely. Our financial solidity, risk analysis and global business network empower companies of all sizes with domestic and export market knowledge, and support them in successfully manage trade receivables. Our predictive analytics is matched with economic intelligence, market knowledge and industry risk analysis to give customers confidence to make trade decisions. Because trade is changing very fast, we invest in new digital technologies and put innovation at the heart of our business.

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A Surge in Bankruptcies and Insolvencies: How to Keep Your Business Afloat

The rise in insolvencies and bankruptcies worldwide are adding major pressure to supply chains. When you extend credit to a client, you take a risk that the client will not pay, and your cash flow will be interrupted. With the COVID-19 crisis and the surge in bankruptcies, your key customers that struggle financially or declare bankruptcy could expose your business to loss. Get your free copy to learn about the unique challenges you may face if one of your customers starts proceedings.

Bankruptcy eBook