Peer Roundtables

Controllers Council has a number of Peer Roundtables for member participation, networking, leadership, and peer engagement. Members can simply join a Roundtable via the application below. Depending on size of the Roundtable, leadership opportunities include Chairperson, Co-Chairperson, Secretary, and other roles. Controllers Council will provide guidelines for Roundtable management.

The application form below lists identified Roundtables. You are welcome to recommend a Roundtable on your application form using the “Other” category. Roundtable Chairpersons are encouraged to share their leadership roles on LinkedIn, email signatures, and news releases (template available upon request). Note that members are encouraged to participate in multiple Roundtables, and Roundtable participation can be displayed on your private/members-only Member Directory Profile.

Roundtable Application

The Controllers Council is now accepting applications from Members for Roundtable participation. Members are welcome to apply for and participate in multiple Roundtables. Note: you must be a member to be eligible for Roundtable participation. Learn more about membership. Please complete the form below. Note that all information submitted is strictly confidential. Questions? Please use the contact form.

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