Book Preview – Deep Finance: Corporate Finance in the Information Age

Deep Finance will take you from asking “What Is AI?” to walking a clear path toward your own digital transformation. Elevate your leadership and be a champion for data science in your department. In Deep Finance, you will:

  • Study the history of accounting—and why the age of analytics is the next logical step for all finance departments.
  • Step into the age of artificial intelligence and view the pathway to a digital transformation.
  • Expand your role as CFO by integrating business intelligence and analytics into your everyday tasks.
  • Weigh the pros and cons of buying or building software to manage transactions, analyze and collect data, and identify trends.
  • Become a “New Age CFO” who can make better financial decisions and identify where your company is moving.
  • Develop the language to elevate your entire management team as you enter the age of artificial intelligence.

Don’t get left behind. Your competitors or team members recognize the possibilities that are available to finance departments everywhere.

Take the first steps toward a digital transformation and evolution to a data-driven culture. Download the preview today: 

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Deep Finance Book