Controller to CFO: Path to Promotion

Webcast and Panel Discussion

Chicago, IL—August 19, 2020—A webcast and panel discussion features a career accounting controller that was promoted to CFO, and later SVP Finance and Operations. “Controller to CFO: Path to Promotion,” will share tips and strategies for navigating your career to the top of the accounting and finance profession.

The complimentary webcast scheduled for Tuesday, September 15, 1 PM CST, is produced by the Controllers Council, a community and platform focused on Accounting and Finance resources and training, best practices information, recognition and networking.

Ted Weitzel, SVP Finance and Operations at G2, a high-profile software service corporation that is disrupting the category, will share his career experiences and wisdom. Lindy Antonelli, Partner at Armanino, and Board Chair, Controllers Council, will moderate.

“Ted Weitzel has achieved so much in his career, and is very articulate about accounting, controllership, and business,” states Neil Brown, Controllers Council Executive Director. “All Controllers, accountants, and aspiring CFOs do not want to miss this insightful webcast.”

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