Achieving Finance Reinvention – 5 Steps to Real Transformation

Webcast and Panel Discussion

Chicago, IL—August 31, 2020—A webcast featuring Brian Sommer, CEO of TechVentive, will share insights and ideas on how finance and accounting teams can reinvent systems and processes to achieve productivity, service excellence, and real transformation.

The complimentary webcast scheduled for Tuesday, September 22, 1 PM CST, is produced by the Controllers Council, a community and platform focused on Accounting and Finance resources and training, best practices information, recognition and networking.

Brian Sommer, CEO of TechVentive, is a leading industry analyst and author on technology, software, and finance topics. The webcast will be moderated by Mark Gervase, Director, Product Marketing at, a former CPA and expert on financial technology.

“No question, finance and accounting reinvention and transformation are trending topic,” states Neil Brown, Executive Director of the Controllers Council. “Brian and Mark’s deep experience will be sure to bring new ideas to managers, Controllers, and CFOs alike.”

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