Phocas is a team of passionate professionals who are committed to helping people feel good about their data. Our software brings together organizations’ most useful data from an ERP and other business systems and presents it in a way that makes it easy to analyze by anyone. Building dashboards is straightforward but what sets Phocas apart is its ad-hoc analysis capabilities. Unlike other business intelligence (BI) tools, Phocas makes it easy to move from dashboards to underlying business data transactions. The user decides how much detail to see and in what format. Phocas simplifies data management through powerful analytics and visualization tools and revolutionizes the way people interact with their own information. 

We help finance teams modernize their financial reporting and eliminate the burden of managing static spreadsheets with our Budgeting and Forecasting and Financial Statements products. Phocas Budgeting and Forecasting is a powerful, easy to use and modern budgeting and forecasting solution that works seamlessly with Phocas Financial Statements and Phocas Analytics. With Phocas Budgeting and Forecasting, you can keep track of budget plans in the cloud from anywhere, at any time. A workflow-driven approach allows stakeholders to collaborate securely in real-time for accurate budgets and shortening budget cycle times. Interactive forecasting capabilities allow business leaders to reforecast estimates easily during the budget period or prepare a rolling forecast to keep pace with changing conditions.

Phocas Financial Statements allows your finance team to share financial performance information across the business to manage their area’s expenses and financial KPIs proactively. Data from your ERP is fed directly into Phocas Financial Statements, leaving the ERP data intact to ensure data integrity. Financial Statements (profit & loss/income statement, balance sheet and cash flows) can be customized. With your critical financial data sitting in a data analytics environment, your data is much easier to analyze. Figures can be investigated, and answers can be found quickly to move decision making forward. 

Our analytics and financial solutions help businesses report, budget and react faster, while engaging all stakeholders with intuitive tools that take the pain out of multiple iterations and back-and-forth processes.


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